The New Mexico Dark Side Brew Crew is a collective of craft beer-loving writers, who love our bizarre home state and all of its quirkiness, but especially the local breweries. We endeavor to cover every in-state brewery, major event, and any additional beer-related news that crosses our proverbial desks. We seek to promote the local scene by offering timely news and updates, and always encourage people to share their own opinions on every subject, from the quality of the beer to the events and more.

The Crew is led by Stoutmeister (Chris Jackson), our editor and lead writer, who has 16-plus years of professional media experience. The other founding members are Franz Solo, a lover of hops, Viking poetry, and metal; Brandon, a lover of porch beers, hockey, and metal; Porter Pounder, our resident film geek and foodie; and emeritus members Shilling, who’s back in school, and E-Rock, who has become a vagabond musician.

We have since been joined by Luke, the Craft Crusader, who covers the scene in Santa Fe. We also have our Brew Crew Bullpen, with Adam, Julie, Kristin, Laura, Reid, and Vicki, who help us out whenever they can. Throw in staff photographer Mario Caldwell, and that rounds out our group. Interested in writing a guest post? Contact us at nmdarksidebrewcrew@gmail.com, or via any of our social media platforms.

See you around the breweries. Drink local, drink proud.


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  1. JohnnieWinona Ross says:

    Great blog, we live in ArroyoSeco north of Taos, I thought we truly were off the radar with nobody paying attention to our small villages. A secret: go to Heron, get a growler of your choice, drive south maybe 3 or 4 miles to Sugars, a small drive-in that was rated a few years ago # 4 or so by one of the Food mags, bonne apet???? And get a pork or beef burrito, they smoke the meat with apple wood. Drive a couple of hundred yards south to the turn out before Embudo Station and have a grand time on the Rio.

  2. khopz says:


    Third annual installment has popular festival thinking bigger and better

    For a third year in a row, Local iQ magazine’s New Mexico Brew Fest & Music Showcase (nmbrewfest.com) continues to capture the spirit of New Mexico’s burgeoning craft brew industry. Held at NM Expo’s beautiful outdoor facility, Villa Hispana, on Saturday, October 6, the festival will again feature complimentary tastes and full pints for sale from 20-plus local breweries and five regional breweries.

    Festival sponsor Whole Foods will host the Whole Foods Beer Village, which will feature bratwursts (in honor of the festival’s Oktoberfest theme) and five regional microbrew tasting tents showcasing beers from Odell (CO), Stone (CA), Left Hand (CO), Ska (CO) and New Belgium (CO).

    “Along with the growing number of New Mexico breweries that will be at the festival this year, we are really excited to have representation from Colorado and California,” says festival co-founder Kevin Hopper. “The Western U.S. beer scene is exploding and we are happy to be right in the middle of it.”

    As the number of new breweries in New Mexico continues to grow, the NM Brew Fest continues to grow in popularity as one of the state’s best festivals. Pairing local craft beers with a host of local food trucks and five live bands, including Texas outlaw country legend Billy Joe Shaver, makes the festival a premiere fall destination.

    “The fact that the Balloon Fiesta commences on the same day really makes the thought of waking up to watch thousands of balloons lift off, says Chris Goblet, NM Brew Fest’s director and President of the New Mexico Brewer’s Guild, “and spending the rest of the day tasting dozens of beer varieties, listening to music and tasting local food a pretty great scenario for a fall day.”

    Additional offerings at the festival include five live bands, including the Albuquerque-based 11-piece German oom-pah band, Die Polka Schlingel, Cali Shaw, Crazy Fool, Anthony Leon & the Chain, as well as headliner Shaver. Food trucks that will be on hand at the festival include Supper, Firenze Wood Fired Pizza, Dia de los Tacos and Dr. Field Goods, the latter of which is run by former Casa Vieja co-owner and chef Josh Gerwin.

    This year, VIPs will enjoy a full hour (Noon to 1pm) of access to the festival prior to general admittance at 1pm, as well as entry to the Audio Air VIP Sports Tent, featuring special pours, catered food and NCAA football games on big screen TVs with free Audio Air ear buds so VIPs can listen to the action.

    General Admission: $25 advance/$30 day of event; VIP Tickets: $50 advance/$55 day of event 

    Santa Fe, Ska (CO), La Cumbre, Marble, Odell (CO), Rio Grande, Stone (CA), Sierra Blanca, Turtle Mountain, Tractor, New Belgium (CO), Second Street, Left Hand (CO), Il Vicino, Blue Corn, Chama River, Mimbres Valley, Nexus, Blue Heron, Abbey, Broken Bottle, Sandia Chile Grill, Santa Fe Spirits
    Whole Foods, Firenze Brick Oven Pizza, Supper, Dr. Field Goods, Dia de los Tacos

    Billy Joe Shaver (TX), Anthony Leon & the Chain (NM), Cali Shaw (NM), Crazy Fool (NM) and Die Polka Schlingel (NM)

    Website: http://www.nmbrewfest.com

  3. 8bithitman says:

    Longtime fan, first time email. Just hit up Kactus Brewery in Bernalillo. Not bad! Go check it out!


  4. Page says:

    I produce the show Beer Geeks hosted by Michael Ferguson, the first nationally syndicated show celebrating the world of craft beer. And I’m writing to ask for your help.

    As great as the show is (we’ve just been nominated for an Emmy as Outstanding Culinary Program up against the big boys like Bobby Flay and Anthony Bourdain), generating revenue to produce the series remains a struggle. We are committed to shooting season two and are trying to fund the shooting of one episode through Kickstarter. Which means we need to get the word out (and quickly, since we are on a 30 day Kickstarter deadline).

    It would be a great help if you could please contribute (as little as a buck is ok) and pass the word along to anyone and everyone you know — through Facebook, blogs, email lists, websites, any way you can help us reach as many beer lovers as possible. Please direct everyone to our Kickstarter site via this web address:

    By doing this, you can be a big part of helping us continue to get the word out about the great craft beer community. And we appreciate the assistance very, very much.



    David Page
    Executive Producer
    Beer Geeks

  5. 8BitHitman says:

    What’s up crew? I just completed an EPIC, two day tour of Northern NM breweries: all four in SF, NMCB in Vegas, all three in Taos, and Blue Heron. Commanche Creek closed about fifteen minutes before we arrived from Vegas, and Bode’s General Store in Abiquiu (Monastery taproom) closes early on Sundays. Here’s an update on Eske’s as of Saturday:
    -Taos Green Chile Beer
    -The Chemist
    -Blonde Betty
    -Artist Ale
    -Millennium IPA
    -Red-Handed Ale
    -Naked Ape

    On another note, we ended up at the NMCB brewery before we found the Old Town Drafthouse; Josh was nice enough to give us a tour and some samples. He is a super-nice guy and I hope they continue to do well!

    1. cjax33 says:

      Bummer about missing Comanche and the Bode’s by minutes. Glad you had fun up there regardless. Thanks for the Eske’s list, we’ll add that to TWAIB State Edition this week.

  6. Chris says:

    Hey Crue..why no love ?
    Lookin for some feedback ..

    1. Kc McFadden says:

      Hey Chris. This is Kc with Socorro Springs Brewing co. We will be starting up the brewery once again after all these years. I have a few questions for ya. I may be in a place to help out a brewery in NM by buying their equipment due to their unfortunate closing. Please get in touch with at your convenience. Thanks

      Kc Mcafadden
      Owner, Socorro Springs Restaurant

      1. cjax33 says:

        Good to hear! The best way to reach us is at nmdarksidebrewcrew@gmail.com.

  7. Bill says:

    Excellent comprehensive list of New Mexico breweries! Like your very descriptive reviews of beers too!

  8. Hey guys, wanted to chat with you about how one would go about working with one or more breweries to do a special brew to benefit the American Diabetes Association Children’s Camp….. I know they do stuff like that for a lot of worthy causes, so I would like to see what the possibilities are.


    1. cjax33 says:

      Best bet would be to contact the Brewers Guild, then John can let all the breweries know and I’m sure one or more will respond. Send an email to director@nmbeer.org and let them know we vouch for ya!

  9. Josh earp says:

    This is in regards to the home brew contest. Can I get in with just one 12 ounce bottle, that’s all I have. Also too it’s been in the fridge so is there a way to keep it cold if I drop it off?

    1. cjax33 says:

      Per the rules on their site, the Dukes say there is a minimum of 2 bottles per person entering the contest. Maybe go find a friend who also home brews, and just enter yours and his/hers and say it was a collaboration by the two of you.

  10. Jackie says:

    Wish I new where it was. Been through T OT C a few times. No sighs. No body new where it was. Don’t know the town, so to bad they don’t tell you how to get there or have sings pointing down the stree.

    1. cjax33 says:

      It’s at 410 N. Broadway, next to Loretta’s Gifts and Jewelry, across from Grapevine Bistro.

  11. Tim Lawter says:

    I am trying to find this location in Coralles. Anyone know?

    1. cjax33 says:

      What are you looking for in Corrales? Ex Novo Brewing or Casa Vieja?

  12. Kevin Wright says:

    Hello my name is Kevin Wright. I am the creator of craftycoaster on YouTube. We specialize in featuring craft beer and coffees from here in New Mexico. I am trying 2 do a green chili beer comparison on our YouTube channel. Finding the New Mexico version of Green Chile Beer is fairly easy. But I seems to be having a problem with finding a Colorado green chili beer around Albuquerque. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. cjax33 says:

      We don’t know of any Colorado brewery that packages a green chile beer. The only one we know that even makes a green chile beer is Pagosa Brewing in Pagosa Springs. You would probably have to send someone up there with a growler or hope they have a crowler machine.

      1. Kevin wright says:

        That’s what i have been finding. Thank you. If you come up with another idea please share. I think it would be a fun video.

  13. Chris Wickham says:

    575 Brewing is now closed and Bonito Valley has reopened for growler sales.

  14. Ron Kingsley says:

    Impressive all around. I’d love something like this for Phoenix. I’m coming in town for a visit and I’m now well educated on all things beer in New Mexico. Solid and current information. Cheers

  15. Lue says:

    Always like checking in with the Brew Crew. Would love to see something on Cold IPA trend which seems to just be hitting ABQ area (Gravity Bound and La Cumbre.)

    1. Stoutmeister says:

      They have been popping up for a while now at various breweries. We might just have to start doing some articles on trending styles and how breweries approach them.

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