Enjoy a Sunday Service any day of the week at unique new local brewery

It’s the first brewery/coffee shop/motorcycle garage combo in Albuquerque history.

It feels like there’s a bit of a trend emerging among the new breweries in Albuquerque. While breweries do tend to be pretty community-oriented in general, the most recent breweries seem to really be putting that in the forefront of their operations in unique ways.

Recently, we told you about the new Vision City Brewstillery in the International Indoor Soccer Arena, which is a combined soccer venue, brewery, and (hopefully, per the owners) an eventual think tank. Later this week, we will profile Echoes, a new brewery downtown that hopes to revitalize the area using a decidedly different approach. And, now Sunday Service Motor Company on 2701 4th St NW is combining coffee, beer, and a DIY motorcycle garage.

That’s a mighty cozy interior.

Yes, that’s correct, a DIY motorcycle garage. During a brief, impromptu interview with Kevin Anderson, I learned that he and his co-owner, Stephen Park, purchased the building in October 2021 from Eppie’s Motorcycle Services. They broke ground on the remodeling construction in June 2022. Kevin grew up in Albuquerque and spent time in the Navy, Air National Guard, and software sales in North Carolina and Atlanta. He was into home brewing, and the original idea was a bottle shop. But, he also loves motorcycles, and the idea evolved into the unique space that is now Sunday Service.

We strolled in the day after they started serving beer. They are still in a soft-opening phase. Right now, they have guest taps only. Kevin said support from the local breweries has been awesome. But, the 1-barrel brewing equipment has arrived, and soon Sunday Service will start brewing their own beer. They have partnered on the coffee side with a local coffee roaster, Garden Company. The coffee is roasted in-house. Therefore, the first beer Kevin said he plans to brew is a java stout, natch. Hooray!

So far the guest taps are provided by Santa Fe and Steel Bender. Their own beers are coming soon.

Kevin said they are working on getting some experts in on the weekends to teach some bike repair classes. They have some of the bigger equipment for people to use that the average person would not have in their garage. Come on down to Sunday Service, where according to Kevin, their motto is anyone and everyone — and when it comes to bikes, it is anything with two wheels and a motor. There are some bar snacks, and also pastries to go with the coffee. The plan is to bring in food trucks on bigger nights. Mary and Tito’s is nearby for some delicious New Mexican food. During the soft open, the hours are 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.

Grab a coffee for energy to work on your bike, get some work accomplished, and then reward yourself with a tasty local beer.

Cheers to more unique beer venues!

— AmyO

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