Rio Bravo closes in on their long-awaited opening

Slow but steady wins the race is one of those old timey sayings that can actually fit in the world of craft beer. Certainly, it never helps when a brewery rushes in trying to get open. Realizing this, the good folks over at Rio Bravo Brewing took their time to get everything right. The result…

My IPA is too heady for this heat: Session IPA selections from Susan’s

In honor of IPA Day, I went in search of the best out-of-state Session IPAs that can be found in Santa Fe. Susan’s Fine Wine and Spirits (1005 S. St. Francis Drive) is my go-to place, conveniently located between home and office. I found the beer manager, Matt Zehnder, who was likely afraid I’d repeat my offense when I went in search of new-to-us Evil Twin brews a couple of weeks ago. Yeah, I took all the beer out of the boxes. Two hours old and not in your system? Don’t care. Here’s some money, I’m running out of the store with my spoils.