Ex Novo takes Whole Foods on a ride to Hoptown

This is truly a hoppy time of year, is it not? (Photo courtesy of Ex Novo)

Every now and again, we get a heads up that a new beer is coming, only to then get a second notice that it will be held back a bit. Oftentimes, that just makes us more excited for the brew in question.

In the case of Ex Novo, they teased us with Lords of Hoptown, a new double IPA coming out in cans. Ultimately, the can release was pushed back from the end of last week to this Tuesday, and they also mentioned that this beer was made in some sort of collaboration with Whole Foods. Eager to find out a little more, I sent some questions to Ex Novo founder Joel Gregory via email.

NMDSBC: Can you explain the team-up with Whole Foods?

Joel: Whole Foods has been such a great partner with us since the beginning, especially the store on Carlisle, it’s always been one of our top accounts and they buy whatever they can. Jessica with Whole Foods has really spearheaded the process on their end, and was able to come out during the brew day to hang out for a bit. This run (is) an exclusive beer for Whole Foods NM, but it won’t be co-branded as such.

NMDSBC: How did you come up with this beer recipe?

Joel: Brewer Dave (Chichura) took the lead on designing this DIPA with a malt bill looking like a classic West Coast DIPA — Citra, Chinook, and Motueka hops, and our house yeast which we use on a variety of IPAs, including our hazies. It is hazy and very well balanced — the beer smells amazing and I can’t wait to can it.

NMDSBC: Are there any other details you would like people to know in advance?

Joel: Whole Foods will be getting more allocated to them than we will at the taproom, so that might be the best place to find it when it gets there later this week! Carlisle looks like Wednesday and hoping for Wyoming and Santa Fe by Friday!

Well, there you have it, folks. Another awesome-looking beer release is upon us, and this time you do not have to drive to Corrales (unless you want some patio time, which we totally understand and encourage) to get it. Our Santa Fe readers ought to be quite excited to get their hands on a rare Ex Novo release, as well.

Thanks to Joel for the rapid response on this otherwise kinda dreary Monday. Let us hope the rest of the week brings lots of good news for our craft beer scene.

Keep supporting local!

— Stoutmeister

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  1. LucasD says:

    So $15 for four at the tap room.. we’ll see what WF offers it at. Mass Ascension is currently $10 at taproom, but $8.49 at Costco. Weird.

    That said, I’ve spent more than $100 per week at the taproom for the last several weeks–despite a Beertender asking me to remove my PPE to check my face against an ID just the other day (not today, today was fine–couple days ago). Beer is good. Spend money on local beer and support your local breweries! The bottled (Sex) spontaneous fermentation beer is so good! The Lords of Hoptown also good (two cases later). Support th we folks–they’re doing us a huge solid!

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