Brewery Patio Bracket Regional Finals: The last battle in the North and Burbs begins

Head brewer Brandon Beard has rallied his supporters at Lauter Haus Brewing to pile up one heck of a voting total through two rounds. Can they do it again in the Northwest Regional Final?

To say there has been a bit of enthusiasm for our brewery patio bracket-style tournament in Northern New Mexico would be a colossal understatement. There were 1,043 votes cast in the Northwest Region in the second round, and 773 in the Northeast. Those were by far the largest voting totals of any geographic region. Heck, even the ABQ Metro Breweries, which we had to package in with these, received 613 votes, the fourth highest total.

So what did all those votes produce? Well, the Northeast ultimately mirrored the first round, but the Northwest saw a different patio come in second, and the top two in the Metro swapped places from the first round. Here are how the final voting totals looked, with the top two in each group advancing to the regional finals.

Northwest: 1. Lauter Haus 381 votes, 2. Bathtub Row 262, 3. 550 Brewing 237, 4. Rowley Farmhouse Ales 163

Northeast: 1. Red River 352, 2. Comanche Creek 171, 3. Taos Mesa Mothership 140, 4. Beer Creek 110

Metro: 1. Casa Vieja 197, 2. Ex Novo 170, 3. Bosque North 168, 4. Turtle Mountain 78

Lauter Haus has now piled up 758 votes in two rounds, which is just downright ridiculous. It is also a sign of just how popular that brewery is in Farmington and the surrounding areas. Red River is no slouch, either, with 645 total votes so far. Bathtub Row trailed 550 Brewing by 108 votes in the first round, but rallied its supporters this time around.

As for the two Corrales breweries, they have gone back and forth in the voting, though Bosque North came oh-so-close to spoiling that all-village final.

Once again, what makes a patio great is up to each and every one of you. This tournament is purely for fun and some good-natured bragging rights. The photos below are from the Crew archives and courtesy of the breweries themselves.

Northwest Regional Final

Bathtub Row Brewing, Los Alamos
Lauter Haus Brewing, Farmington

Lauter Haus has performed like a juggernaut so far, an impressive feat for a relatively new brewery that only just remodeled/expanded its patio before the start of this tournament. Still, after watching Bathtub Row storm past 550 to take second with a big vote total, this may not be a runaway for the lads from Farmington.

Northeast Regional Final

Comanche Creek Brewing, Eagle Nest
Red River Brewing

Red River expanded its margin of victory from 98 votes in the first round to 181 votes in the second, so it is certainly the favorite here. The wide-open vistas from Comanche Creek’s patio, however, cannot be overlooked. This one comes down to small-town vibes versus alpine-valley vibes.

ABQ Metro Regional Final

Casa Vieja Brewery, Corrales
Ex Novo Brewing, Corrales

Ex Novo beat out Casa Vieja by 11 votes in the first round, only to see its neighbor prevail by 27 votes in the second. Which brewery will rally the troops in the final battle of Corrales Road? That remains to be seen, but please, keep it to 30 mph, folks.

We have one more set of regional final polls Thursday as the four brackets of Burque will be announced. As of the publication of this article, three of the four first-round leaders are currently in front, with only the Southwest/Downtown poll being flipped on its head. Voting lasts until noon Thursday, so make sure to cast your final picks if you have not done so already.

Next week, all the regional finals winners will finally collide in the championship round.

Keep supporting local!

— Stoutmeister

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Dennis Letters says:

    Move ing Beer Creek into The wrong region was effective ensuring they didn’t win

    Sent from my iPhone

    1. cjax33 says:

      Uh, you do realize that Lauter Haus, Bathtub Row, and 550 Brewing of the Northwest Region had more votes in the second round alone than Beer Creek had in two rounds combined in the Northeast, right? Also, no one from the Beer Creek ownership team ever complained to us one bit about their placement.

  2. D Minor says:

    Where the “f” do I vote??

    1. cjax33 says:

      Below the two photos in each region there’s a paragraph, then there’s the poll. You vote there.

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