Comanche Creek Brewing still captures the best views of any place in the state

Rain or shine, the views from Comanche Creek are awe inspiring.

Way back in the beginning of the Crew, emeritus member/co-founder E-Rock and I ventured to the breweries in Northern New Mexico for what we referred to as “Taos Trek.” It was late March 2012, so places like Taos Mesa, Red River Brewing, and Enchanted Circle did not even exist yet.

Among our stops on that day was the tiny, remote Comanche Creek Brewing near Eagle Nest. It was arguably our favorite stop of the trip, sipping porters in an alpine meadow beside the tiny log cabin that housed the brewery.

After a decade, I finally managed to get back up there, squeezing in a stop with friends while we were staying in nearby Valle Escondido. Only a couple of friends had previously been there, so for most of the group, it was their first visit. Oh, and that little log cabin at the end of a dirt road has been replaced by a larger log cabin right off Highway 38 just north of Eagle Nest.

It’s a lot bigger than the original location just to the west.

Despite persistent rainy drizzle, the views were still spectacular, the beers were solid, the vibe was relaxed, and we all now have Comanche Creek on our list of must-visit breweries in Northern New Mexico.

I will let the photos tell the rest of the story.

There’s a little more room in the brewery now for equipment.
Yup, it’s still plenty rustic.
One of coolest bar backdrops in the state.
The day’s selection of beers.
Now that is a swanky rocking bench.
Someone should have fired this up on our rainy day visit.
This looks like it’s from the original patio.
On a normal day, we imagine the cornhole court is pretty popular.
The Sangre de Cristo range was largely obscured from view.
Looking south towards Eagle Nest and its lake.
The original brewery was back in that direction.
The Iron Mountain Porter was still our favorite beer in the lineup.
A big thank you to Comanche Creek from our little family of oddballs.

Thanks to our beertender and the nice customers we met. Until next time, and we promise it will not be a decade until then.

Keep supporting local statewide!

— Stoutmeister

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