ABQ Beer Week: A little Odell and Deschutes goes a long way

Posted: April 30, 2013 by cjax33 in ABQ Beer Week 2013
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Stoutmeister here with another of Derek’s, er, Porter Pounder’s reviews of some of the recent beer tastings, specifically the ones on Monday night. He’s been an intrepid sampler of beer so far, so I’ll let him take it away from here.

Odell's Treeshaker Imperial IPA is flavorful without being overpowering.

Odell’s Treeshaker Imperial IPA is flavorful without being overpowering.

First up, from Two Fools’ Monday tapping.

Odell Treeshaker Imperial IPA

Cool demeanor and gorgeous orange color for a classic strong IPA. Major citrus flavors flood your mouth with rich, pungent hops. The body is a fine medium with constant low carbonation; always moving and creating a low but noticeable head. It drinks more like a lager. Super smooth, especially for an imperial IPA. At almost 10-percent ABV it’s no wonder they’ll only serve in 10-ounce glasses, but fully worth the time to grab one or two while you can while it’s still on tap. If it pops up in local liquor stores, grab some and take it home.

Second up, from O’Niell’s in Nob Hill’s Monday tasting.


Hailing from Bend, Ore., Deschutes has been a mainstay in many craft beer drinkers’ repertories. They’ve managed to package and ship beer all over the United States while still remaining the delicious microbrew they’ve been since the beginning.

The lineup of goodness that Deschutes brought to O'Niell's in Nob Hill.

The lineup of goodness that Deschutes brought to O’Niell’s in Nob Hill.

The new River Ale is first up in order from Deschutes this year for Beer Week. Bright summer flavored nose combined with a mild hop kick on the back. Clean finish. Super easy drinker for any style.

Their Chain Breaker White IPA was introduced last year. It’s based on a wheat recipe so it’s much lighter than your typical IPA, with wheat tones and traditional citrus tones from the wheat beer yeast. The finished hops are perfectly potent for what it should be, making it a very unique IPA for Deschutes to stand out against any other microbrew.

Red Chair NWPA (North West Pale Ale) was next in line. Almost vanilla tones off the nose start you off to a pleasant experience following with a very creamy texture. A classic I’ve known for years from this Oregon microbrewery. Finishes with a bitter finish but still not overpowering.

And finally, the piece des resistance, the Black Butte Porter. This is one that I found out about last year at Beer Week and has been a frequent buy for me. Very robust and bold compared to the other offerings they have for on this smorgasbord. A rich, full body and tight-packed head which coats the palate. Traditional coffee and chocolate tones that are so smooth make this easily my favorite this year again. You definitely won’t be disappointed with any of these four options.


— Porter Pounder


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