ABQ Beer Week: Behold, the Il Vicino Irish red on cask

Posted: May 1, 2013 by Shilling in ABQ Beer Week 2013
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Editor’s note: Yeah, I know I said none of us went out to do any beer reviews last night. I was wrong. Shilling got free for the first time in, well, he’ll tell you. We’re just glad to have him back. — Stoutmeister

Greetings beer lovers. After a damn near 15-week hiatus to focus on my studies, I’m rejoining my beer-loving brothers just in time for Beer Week. A perfect way to kick off my short summer break (good old summer school). For those that know, I have a hard time turning down a good red ale and Il Vicino is one of my local favorites.

Il Vicino's Irish red was served up on cask at Two Fools, and it was wonderful.

Il Vicino’s Irish red was served up on cask at Two Fools, and it was wonderful.

This year for ABQ Beer Week, Brady and company have released quite a few special batches, including the Cask Irish Red.

So on a warm Tuesday afternoon, I made my way to Two Fools Tavern to give this different version of the popular ale a try. I was actually lucky enough to get the first pint they served, in fact.

The cask red looks like a pint of honey. Its mellow flavor and sweetness outweigh the normal bitter, hoppy flavor found in the majority our local reds. It is simply a nice, refreshing ale on a warm day that won’t fill you up after one.

All in all, I enjoyed this beer. It is much lighter than what I’m used to, especially for a cask ale (at Cask Wednesday last week, IVBC had the Black IPA clocking in at around 7-percent ABV). This is probably not an ale for the hop heads, but it is a good ale for those who have never had a cask ale.

So the next event I will be at (I believe) is Thursday afternoon at Sister Bar downtown for a tasting from my favorite brewery, Stone, followed by the Beer Groups Meet & Greet at Marble.

Cheers my friends!

— Jon


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