Bacon plus beer equalled many happy people

Posted: October 23, 2014 by amyotravel in Bacon Fest 2014
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I attended the Southwest Bacon Fest at the Balloon Park this past Saturday. Normally, I might not write up any information on a bacon festival for a beer website. However, quite a few local breweries were there. And goodness, many of those beers went so well with the bacon food items. In particular, I had Pi’s Bourbon Vanilla Porter with some bacon-wrapped dates. That was fabulous. I enjoyed a “BLT” from Chama as well. This was their version of a “red beer” or “bloody beer.” It was Bacon, Lager, and Tomato. It is a refreshing way to cleanse the palate after some heavy, heavy food and beer.

It's doesn't look like a beer, but that's Chama River's BLT (Bacon, Lager, and Tomato) from last weekend's Bacon Fest.

It’s doesn’t look like a beer, but that’s Chama River’s BLT (Bacon, Lager, and Tomato) from last weekend’s Bacon Fest. (Photo courtesy of Chama River)

I like bacon just fine. But really, it was the weather, the venue, and the local breweries that sold me. Oh, and full disclosure, I won a ticket for this event when I attended Hopfest. Only one, though, so we still had to buy one ticket. This is a nice festival and the weather was perfect for sitting around and enjoying New Mexico craft brews and some very interesting uses of bacon.

It seems each festival comes with its challenges (I’m looking at you, ABQ BioPark Zoo; that one still hurts). I had finished my final beer because although the festival ended at 6 p.m., the beer purveyors let us know they had to stop selling at 5 p.m. That was a little disappointing since we didn’t get there until 3:30, but I had some delicious stuff and I was basically OK with it.

I will not mention any names, but I happened to overhear a very heated conversation. One of the smaller breweries got in an argument with the people in charge because they said they weren’t notified they had to stop selling at 5 p.m. until it happened at the event. According to this smaller brewery, one of the larger ones didn’t bother to stop selling. He said it wasn’t fair and that there was not equal treatment. Hopefully the miscommunication can be avoided up front next year.

At the end, we wandered over to the charming folks from The Stumbling Steer. They had coupon tickets (good for the following day only, Sunday) for $3 house beers. I knew from previous visits that on Sundays you can ask for and get free pint glasses of bacon (shhhh!) while they last. We did make it over there the next day. So, yes, more bacon. And I ate it with the Bourbon Bacon Stout they had on cask.

For $3 with the ticket, seriously, what in the world could be more perfect?

Cheers — to beer and to bacon!

— AmyO


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