Recapping the Oktoberfiesta fun in pictures


This past Saturday, as promised (or as warned), I attended Santa Fe Brewing Co.’s grand swingin’ shindig, Oktoberfiesta, and it was a perfect end to a great festival season. Now let me begin by saying that Stoutmeister had told me that I didn’t have to work because it was my birthday, and so it was certainly NOT my intent to be on the job. I didn’t take any notes, mental or otherwise, nor did I conduct any interviews, and if I did, there were none that I can remember. In fact, I believe I said “off the record,” so many times, that it has officially become my new nickname. I honestly did my best not to come away with any content. But somehow, somewhere deep down, the journalist in me decided he was going to document the event. And so, in the aftermath, I found a few pictures between the two of our phones. And while I may not have captured all the important shots, or hit all the important angles, or really have taken much of anything in focus, I have a few pictures for you guys. The following is the only stuff deemed appropriate enough to share with our friends and readers of the Crew. Hopefully, the pics might show tiny bit of how it all went down. Enjoy!

Oktoberfiesta! - 4
Oktoberfiesta has officially begun!
Oktoberfiesta! - 3
Jerome and Miggs of the Sangre De Cristo Craft Brewers. These guys are brewing their famous Biscochito Stout on the small batch system for SFBC’s “12 Beers of Christmas.” Can’t wait to try it!
Oktoberfiesta! - 5
Now that’s a sample!
Oktoberfiesta! - 7
These happy campers are enjoying the music of Pigment.
Oktoberfiesta! - 9
The bratwurst eating contest. The before picture. Note: After picture not available. It was NOT a pretty sight!
Oktoberfiesta! - 1
And they’re off!
Oktoberfiesta! - 6
If bratwurst wasn’t your thing, Food Truck Tacos Y Mas was there serving up some New Mexico deliciousness! Taster glass photo-bomb!
Oktoberfiesta! - 12
A little serenading with dinner? Not exactly. That’s the yodeling contest. Riiiiicooooolaaaaa! No?
Oktoberfiesta! - 8
How weird! It’s The Strange! These guys rock, even a man down.
Oktoberfiesta! - 2
That poor fellow is out of beer! Quick, someone get him an Oktoberfest, STAT!
Oktoberfiesta! - 10
This gentleman has acquired one of the very last of the Krieks! My prediction is that he became very popular before the night was through.

When the dust settled on Sunday morning, I was happy to have made the trip out to 35 Fire Place, and thrilled as always, to have made it home safely. (The cab system in Santa Fe is still amazing.) Oktoberfiesta was a party to remember, if remembering is at all possible after an event like that. I would do it again and again, but not in a heartbeat. I need some time. I think I’ve finally reached my Oktoberfest and brewfest limit for the year, but what a few weeks it’s been! There have been some great Oktoberfest events and some amazing Oktoberfest beer. Great job New Mexico! You absolutely nailed the season and the style. Oktoberfiesta certainly pushed me over the top. And for that, I can’t thank them enough!

My head still hurts and my liver may be threatening to walk, but my heart is full, and my soul is now repaired of the damage of the daily grind. But wasn’t that the point of beer in the early days? To be there for you after a rough day, and smooth you through to the next? We live in a great state folks, where the beer is bigger than dad’s after-work medicine. We live in a place where the beer scene is in full swing and only growing stronger. We live in a time when anyone with the courage to pour something new into their taster glass can become a pioneer. We live on the Frontier of Beer, where every weekend there’s something new to drink and something fun to do, if you just look for it. If fest season is over for now, I’m okay with that. I’ll breathe. I’ll recharge. I’ll count my dropping degrees until Imperial Stout, Winter Warmer, and Black IPA season. Guys and gals, brewfest season has come to a close, but our great NM beer is not going anywhere, and I promise, neither are we. For now, see you around the taps. As always, think globally, drink locally, and come to the Dark Side. We have beer.

Oktoberfiesta! - 13
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— Luke

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