A farewell, of sorts, to a good friend of craft beer

Posted: December 18, 2015 by cjax33 in News
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While he won't be pouring beers at Nob Hill Bar & Grill anymore, friend of the Crew Thomas DeCaro will still be promoting craft beer.

While he won’t be pouring beers at Nob Hill Bar & Grill anymore, friend of the Crew Thomas DeCaro will still be promoting craft beer.

There are times in life when someone we know gives us great news, but it is also news that gives us pause. Perhaps it has to do with a friend getting a great new job, but having to leave town. Sometimes it is far more personal. We are happy for our friend, but at the same time we will miss him or her in the role in which we have become accustomed to seeing him/her.

As many probably already know, we are in that situation now with our friend Thomas DeCaro. He is the man behind all of the amazing special craft beer tappings at Nob Hill Bar & Grill. Over the past year he has been instrumental in getting us some of the rarest beers available in our market, while also making sure to have the most varied, intriguing, and wonderful tap list of any place in the great Albuquerque area. He sent us a sort of farewell letter, because while he is leaving his current position, he will still be involved in craft beer in New Mexico. We wish him luck on his new endeavor and thank him for all he has done to expand our beer horizons.

Dear everyone,

As many of you have already heard, I have agreed to terms with Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits to represent them for the state of New Mexico. With that being said, I will be departing Nob Hill Bar & Grill. Over the past year I have worked to create the premier American craft beer bar in New Mexico. With this we have tapped over 300 different beers and some super rare ones (ahem, ahem, KBS & BCS Coffee).

The vision I created and the program I set into place will not be changing. Nob Hill will continue to push the boundaries and constantly have new beers on tap. I will be passing on my title to Stephen Flynn, who has been there with me throughout this entire project. I can assure you that Nob Hill is in good hands and I will be in the background as guidance for Stephen as he has a chance to control the taps.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank every one of you. From the person who orders a beer with dinner to all of you who have helped make my events a success week in and week out. You all have become friends of mine and I look forward to seeing you at beer events across the state.

— Thomas DeCaro

Thanks again, Thomas. We look forward to what you and Ballast Point will continue to bring to us around here. The more great beer, the merrier.


— Stoutmeister


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