The Crew’s brewery merchandise guide for 2017

Boxing Bear gift baskets are the perfect holiday gift. (Yes, there is beer in there.)

As we did the last three years, the Crew has put together a brewery merchandise guide for all of you just in time for your holiday shopping. Hey, it might be nice to just buy people beer, but sometimes they need more in life, like cool shirts, hoodies, growlers, and other specialty items carrying the logos of their favorite breweries. To make all of your lives easier and save you time in terms of searching the web or driving all over the place, we compiled the local breweries’ merch lists into one place. Now you can find out what is where, what is online, what it all costs, and any other additional info you might need.

The breweries are listed in alphabetical order, starting with the ABQ metro area breweries, then the breweries from outside the metro listed below that (those from both regions that sent us info, at least). We will be updating this list throughout the holiday season, so if you do not see a brewery here, once their info arrives, we will share it. Thank you to all the brewers, owners, and other key brewery staffers who helped us put this together. Whether via email or in person, it was greatly appreciated!

Bombs Away

The first order of merchandise just arrived (this week) for the newest brewery in town. The T-shirts cost $25 apiece, and ladies’ shirts will be arriving soon. Look for more items in the near future.

New shirts for a new brewery, freshly arrived.


There is a limited amount of merchandise available online, including T-shirts ($20), hats ($25) and insulated growlers ($50). You can also purchase gift cards ($10) and memberships (see our separate Membership Guide). For the rest, head over to any Bosque location.

Boxing Bear

The West Siders have some of their merch online and more available at the brewery. There are T-shirts ($18-$21), ladies tank tops ($23), baseball shirts ($25-$27), brewers shirts ($40), and more, including beanies and hoodies. They have two styles of hats ($14 and $20) as well. There are special holiday gift baskets, some for $25, some for $33, and those include a bomber of Chocolate Milk Stout and some other fun items.

The case is loaded for all your shopping needs.


The online store is open, with plenty of items. Regular and v-neck T-shirts are just $10 apiece. There are also trucker hats ($20), logo glasses ($4), and unfilled glass growlers ($7). You can also purchase gift cards and load them with however much money you choose.

Quarter Celtic

They have plenty of T-shirts, including the awesome new Pedro O’Flannigan one. We did not get prices on those (sorry), but they were $20 last year. All merch, we have been told, ranges from $20 to $30, and includes T-shirts and hats. You can also get a Pedro pack for $30, which is the aforementioned T-shirt and a crowler of Pedro. Now through the end of the year, buy a $25 gift car and get an extra $5 to spend on yourself.

Buy a shirt and a beer together!

Rio Bravo

They have the usual slew of T-shirts, hats, growlers, and more available, but they also have one special item for the holidays. New Mexico True baskets feature two Rio Bravo pint glasses, Chocolate Cartel chocolates (natch), and a four-pack of Pinon Coffee, all for $25.


This year, there is plenty of merch to go around. Snag a men’s or women’s T-shirt ($18), pint glasses ($6), stainless steel growlers ($27.50), glass growlers ($6 unfilled), or hoodies ($35) that are perfect for the chilly weather. The staff would also like to remind everyone that adding the name of a friend or relative to the “Buy a Friend a Beer Board” is a great present as well.

Small brewery, big selection.

Starr Brothers

There is quite a bit of merch to choose from, including T-shirts/tank tops ($20), baseball shirts ($25), truck hats ($25), flat-bill hats ($30), hoodies ($45), plus you can even do a T-shirt/hat combo ($45). From now until the end of the year, you can purchase a $50 gift card and get $5 to spend on yourself. Glass growlers are $7 unfilled.

There is merch here and some additional shirts hanging up under the beer menu screens.

Steel Bender

Plenty of items await at the brewery. For the colder months, there are hoodies ($40), unisex long-sleeve thermals ($30), men’s and women’s flannel ($42), soccer scarves ($22), brewer work shirts ($40), ladies’ long-sleeve slouchy ($35), and wool caddy hats ($35). There are also the insulated DrinkTank growlers ($75), or you can purchase a gift pack featuring a DrinkTank and two DT 16-ounce cups ($120).

Plenty of cold-weather merch is available at Steel Bender.


As in the past, Tractor has one of the most extensive collections of online merch. Men’s and women’s T-shirts range from $12 to $20, both short- and long-sleeved. There are also work shirts ($40), pullover hoodies ($35), and zip-up hoodies ($38-$40). You can also purchase tap handles in the style of the Tractor cans for $45, or the infamous “Whatever, Just Wash Your Hands” bathroom signs for $5. There are growlers ($4 unfilled) and glassware ($4-$6) as well.

A new hoodie for 2017? Oh, Tractor, you shouldn’t have.

Turtle Mountain

The merch display is loaded up for the holidays. There are T-shirts ($18-$20), bar towels ($10), tote bags ($15), tap handles ($50), glassware ($5), bottle openers ($5), and growlers ($6 unfilled) and half-growlers ($4 unfilled).

Just a wee bit of stuff in the TMBC merch display.

Breweries outside the ABQ metro area

Bathtub Row (Los Alamos)

There are some brainy items available (get it?) including zip-up hoodies ($50), baseball T-shirts ($26), insulated growlers ($60), and those awesome T-shirts that say “A drinking town with a science problem” for $24.

Get your beer to go on the way up to Pajarito Ski Area.

Blue Corn (Santa Fe)

Straight from head brewer Paul Mallory: For the holidays, Blue Corn Brewery is selling hoodies ($45), polos ($20), T-shirts in all sizes for men and women ($18), 64-ounce Lobo Red growlers ($8 without beer, $20 with beer), 32-ounce Blue Corn growlers ($3 without beer, $10 with beer), pint glasses ($2.50) and gift cards. Merchandise is sold exclusively at Blue Corn Brewery and Blue Corn Café. It’s also a great excuse to come by and try our latest seasonals. (That last line is the truth. Thanks, Paul!)

Find the merch near those landmark copper tanks.

Rowley Farmhouse Ales (Santa Fe)

There be merch up north! T-shits ($20) and new zip-up hoodies ($45) are available. They also have special bottle openers made from barrel staves called yopeners ($25), which are handmade by a father and his autistic son.

Santa Fe Brewing

No surprise here, they have a whole lot of merch available online. Items include men’s and women’s T-shirts ($20-$22), baseball T-shirts ($30-$32), work shirts ($39-$41), lightweight hoodies ($40-$42), and those hugely popular Zia hoodies ($39) you see almost everywhere. Other cool items include Zia symbol doo rags ($10), recycle can bracelets ($20), Happy Camper infant onesies ($16), tap handles ($50), all sorts of hats ($20-$25), and ski caps ($20-$25).

Sierra Blanca (Moriarty)

They have one of the better online merch sites if you do not feel like driving out to Moriarty. Of course, then you wouldn’t be able to hang in the beer garden and enjoy a pint. The extensive catalogue includes men’s and women’s T-shirts ($14.95-$19.95), long-sleeve shirts ($24.95), multiple styles of hoodies ($45.95), tap handles ($49.95), hats ($9.95), and beanies ($18.95).

* * * * *

Got any additional merchandise info? Send it to us via direct message on Facebook, tweet at us @nmdarksidebc, or email us at

Happy holiday shopping, beer lovers!

— Stoutmeister

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