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The sun was shining brightly on Ex Novo Brewing in Corrales during an industry-only sneak preview night.

Members of the Crew joined brewery staff members from around the metro area at a special industry-only sneak preview of Ex Novo Brewing on Tuesday night in Corrales. To say that the almost-finished product is impressive would be an understatement, and that is not just coming from your humble beer writers.

The layout of the space is all but complete, with the brewery building occupying the southwest corner and the separate taproom building and its large patio in the northeast corner along Corrales Road. An opening date, however, is still not set until the final approvals come in from government officials. Nonetheless, it is hopefully going to be very, very soon for the general public to enjoy some beers in the taproom.

Brewery staff members from around town gathered in the cozy Ex Novo taproom.

In case anyone missed our past stories, Ex Novo was originally founded and still operates in Portland, Oregon. Owner Joel Gregory, however, is a Corrales native, and with few avenues left in crowded/expensive Portland to expand his brewery and its distribution, he elected to build a second brewery in his hometown.


Greetings, New Mexico craft beer lovers. Stoutmeister here with The Week Ahead in Beer. This column covers all the breweries in Bernalillo and Sandoval counties, with Santa Fe’s seven breweries, one in Los Alamos, one in Moriarty, one in Red River, and one in Truth or Consequences also joining the party.

Stoutmeister puts on his serious face to handle The Week Ahead in Beer.

Stoutmeister puts on his serious face to handle The Week Ahead in Beer.

Today (Wednesday) is the last day before ABQ Beer Week launches, so it seems like a perfectly reasonable time to take a moment and chill out with a good beer or two before the events begin. Marble is bringing back White Out today at all three locations, on tap and in cans. Normally this means summer cannot be far behind, but considering it just snowed the other day in parts of New Mexico, all bets are off. But, you can still enjoy this big (9% ABV) wheat ale made with American hops and a spicy Belgian yeast, regardless of the weather. Just not too many in a row, unless you’re safely tucked within the confines of your home. We also need to give Marble some props for helping Watermelon Mountain Ranch with a fundraiser and adoption event at the Westside Taproom this Saturday from 1 to 4 p.m. Head to the taproom Facebook page for more details!

As a note about official Beer Week events, if they are taking place at a brewery or its taproom(s), we will still list them here, but for more details check out our daily previews that begin Thursday.

On the new beer front this week, there are a few options to check out. Bombs Away is feeling patriotic with American Amber Ale. Bow & Arrow releases Dusty Crown Hazy IPA on Friday, made with Idaho 7 and Citra hops. Canteen orders you to Get Witte It, plus there is a key-lime pie version of Social Capital due out on Friday. Kilt Check recently brought back its Outlamber Amber Ale. La Cumbre says Gimme the Brut IPA, plus it also has a Blond Ale, Regional Fetish IPA, and Moody Cow Milk Stout on nitro. Marble also has Uptown and Brown Lager and Theodorable, a honey/apricot/coconut beer. Ponderosa has Blood Orange Double Wit back on tap. Sidetrack has more Switchgear IPA, plus Lemon Drop Ale and Crystal Cream Ale. Steel Bender shines with Stay Golden Ale, due out Thursday. Turtle Mountain was expecting a couple taps to open up this week for Maibock and Wheat Couture Wheatwine, a collaboration with Rowley Farmhouse Ales.

Up in Santa Fe, Blue Corn is suddenly Lager than Life. Second Street mixes up some styles with Cologne Common and Brutalism IPA. Further north in Red River, RRBC has Peach Campfire Cream Ale as the latest edition in its rotating fruited cream ale series. Over in Los Alamos, Bathtub Row added CojonHaze IPA and Mexican Lager.

Continue reading for all the news that is fit to blog for the week of May 20.