The Crew reviews a double dose of hop-forward brews from La Cumbre

What we lack in photogenic quality we do make up for with our passion for beer and black T-shirts and hoodies.

And, we’re back … with another one of our video beer reviews. This time around we are tackling La Cumbre Brewing’s Acclimated APA and Community Hazy DIPA, which are both available in cans.

The Acclimated is a classic American pale ale that brought home a silver medal from the Great American Beer Festival back in October. La Cumbre brewed a lot of it right before the current shutdown rules took effect, so they really need everyone to come by and get a four-pack (or two).

Community, which for all we know may have already had its limited supply wiped out by the beer geeks of Burque, is a six-hop haze that was released last week.

We — myself, Franz Solo, Brandon — tried to be a little more on-topic this time around, even comparing the two beers to the BJCP style guidelines listed on the Brewers Association website. You will get a good idea why Acclimated won silver at GABF, for instance.

We are still looking for feedback from all of you as to what you might like to see in future editions of these Zoom-based reviews. One idea we had was to see if brewers might want to join us in future reviews and share their thoughts about how the beer was made and how it turned out.

Next up will be the ApocalypTHICC Russian Imperial Stout made in collaboration by Toltec Brewing and our friend Majin Garcia. We will see if we can get him and/or head brewer Kaylynn McKnight to hop on board for that review.

Until then, pick up some Acclimated and Community and let us know what you think of the beers, and in general, just keep supporting local.


— Stoutmeister

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