The Crew reviews our new huckleberry Bock Holliday from Ex Novo Brewing

Hey, we have a new writer! Please welcome Erin to the Crew. She seems to be having fun so far.

Sometimes the best laid plans just do not pan out, even virtually. We had planned an epic five-person review of Bock Holliday, one of the newest canned seasonal offerings from Ex Novo Brewing. Alas, personal matters caused Brandon to have to drop out, while all those many, many hours of brewing beers caused Ex Novo head brewer Dave Chichura to fall asleep and miss out. (We will have him on for a future review, since he keeps making so many new beers!)

Undaunted, and with beers already open, myself, Franz Solo, and our newest Crew member, Erin, all gathered virtually on Zoom to discuss this delicious take on the traditional German bock of spring. We really and truly loved this beer, and if there is any left, go get it ASAP! Ex Novo has done an amazing job of keeping the seasonals flowing, so we salute Dave and his entire brew team. Oh, and there are more beers coming from Ex Novo, including the return of Krispy’s Kolsch on Wednesday, plus there are a cherry sour and a milk stout reportedly on deck.

With luck, we will also have a review coming up soon with our friends at Second Street Brewery. It should be filled with lots of Amon Amarth references, so be prepared!

Keep supporting local!

— Stoutmeister

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