The Crew reviews Marble’s Heller Bock and finds a perfect way to beat the heat

We’re back on Zoom/YouTube for another review, this time of Marble’s delicious Heller Bock.

With the governor’s next press conference looming this afternoon, and most breweries sweating it out already, we decided this morning needed a little levity. After Marble’s Geraldine Lucero generously donated a couple of six-packs of the new Heller Bock on Tuesday afternoon, we gathered on Zoom for the first time in a while for our latest beer review.

Temperatures are gonna be above 100 for most of this weekend, so we all could use the right beer to get us through that. Something refreshing, but not too light on flavor. Something with a little bite, but not a palate crusher. Something with a good malt backbone, but not too chewy. Heller Bock is that beer, a 6-percent German-style lager. It takes the good parts of a Helles lager and a traditional bock and mixes them up to our collective benefit.

We could ramble on here about it, but instead you should click that link and watch all the glory of four of us rambling on YouTube. It’s what we do these days, so grab your own sixer of Heller Bock and join us.

Keep supporting local!

— Stoutmeister

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