Brewery Patio Bracket Championship Round: The 4 finalists for the ultimate bragging rights are named

For one of the newest breweries in the state to keep leading these polls is one heck of an impressive feat. (Photo courtesy of 575 Brewing)

Based on the first three rounds of our brewery patio bracket-style tournament, it seemed there was a good chance the winners of the Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, and Southeast regions would end up as the final four of our 92-patio competition.

Well, the votes have been tallied from our first championship round, which took all 12 regional winners and pitted them against one another at last. The result? Almost a clean sweep by those four regions, with just one interloper from the Albuquerque area spoiling the party and denying an all-small-town showdown for bragging rights.

With more than 1,400 votes cast, here were the final results as we whittled down the dandy dozen to a fatal four. (We would keep using final four, but we fear the money-starved NCAA might find out and sue us.)

The top four to advance: 1. 575 Brewing (Southwest Champ) 372 votes, 2. Lauter Haus Brewing (Northwest Champ) 281, 3. Red River Brewing (Northeast Champ) 278, 4. Sidetrack Brewing (ABQ Southwest Champ) 134

The rest of the field that at least gets to say they topped their regions: 5. Steel Bender Brewyard (ABQ Northwest Champ) 132, 6. Differential Brewing (ABQ Southeast Champ) 126, 7. Cloudcroft Brewing (Southeast Champ) 116, 8. Casa Vieja (ABQ Metro Champ) 98, 9. Canteen Brewhouse (ABQ Northeast Champ) 86, 10. Canteen Taproom on Tramway (ABQ Offsite Taproom East Champ) 46, 11. Boxing Bear West Downtown (ABQ Offsite Taproom West Champ) 28, 12. Drylands Brewing in Hobbs (Offsite Taprooms Beyond ABQ Champ) 9

So who of the last four has the best patio in all of New Mexico? Remember, what makes a patio best is completely up to each and every one of you, our readers. This is all for fun, so there are no wrong answers. But, if you would like, please leave us a comment on the poll or on social media as to what makes your pick the best of the best. We would love to share your thoughts with the breweries.

575 Brewing, Alamogordo
Lauter Haus Brewing, Farmington
Red River Brewing
Sidetrack Brewing

The photos above are from the Crew archives or from courtesy of the breweries themselves.

Now it is time to vote, one per person per device, please. Good luck to everyone!

The final results will be posted after voting closes Monday at noon. Until then, enjoy the weekend and the return of warmer (but not too warm) temperatures!

Keep supporting local!

— Stoutmeister

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