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La Cumbre often pairs its beers with special offerings from the food trucks, but now it’s headed to the ultimate pairing event in Washington D.C. (Photo courtesy of La Cumbre)

One of the more unique little treats for members of the media during the Great American Beer Festival was the time we got to spend at a special beer and food pairing before the start of the Saturday afternoon session. It was a scaled-down version of the much larger annual event Savor: An American Craft Beer & Food Experience. The 10th anniversary edition of this event is set for Washington D.C. on June 2 and 3, and two New Mexico breweries will participate.

Longtime local powerhouse La Cumbre will be joined by relative newcomer Dialogue, and 84 other breweries, as their beers will join up with paired dishes from some of the nation’s best chefs and restaurants. All the attending breweries were selected from a lottery that had 300 applicants. Getting two of those from New Mexico is mighty impressive.

“Albuquerque has one of the best beer scenes in the country right now, and we are proud to be an ambassador for our city at this truly world-class event,” La Cumbre owner Jeff Erway said in a press release.

La Cumbre will have Elevated IPA paired with carrot hummus, popped lentils, and laffa, and Albus Quercus (saison) paired with pastrami cured salmon, potato blini, and creme fraiche. Dialogue is taking its Berliner Weisse and Scarlet Beh Gose, which will be paired with special dishes from Choptank Oyster Company. Anyone can check out the full menu here.

We realize most of you cannot get all the way to D.C. on short notice, but if you have friends there, let them know. Another option, of course, is to scan that there menu, find the best cook you know, and try to make some of those dishes to pair up with beers from our two local breweries, or others from around the region who distribute here. Or, heck, check on the pairings that pop out to you, and find a local beer that matches the one going with the dish you gotta try. There is nothing in the world that says you cannot try to emulate the best beer and food pairings yourself or with friends. Who knows? Maybe this could be a way to get that one friend or family member who claims not to like beer to see it from a new angle. It has worked for wine for years, after all.

Let us all raise a glass in a couple weeks to La Cumbre and Dialogue as they carry the banner of New Mexico craft beer back to the nation’s capital!


— Stoutmeister


From Big Brew 2015 at Santa Fe Brewing

Greetings, craft beer fans! This one’s for all the homebrewers out there, and, of course, any and all folks interested in learning more about beer. If you haven’t already heard, National Homebrew Day is fast approaching, and we don’t want you to miss out on any events here in New Mexico.

In 1988, it was announced before Congress that May 7 would forever be known as National Homebrew Day, and since then, the American Homebrewers Association (AHA) has held events the first Saturday of May to celebrate the huge community of homebrewers, who, in large part, helped bring craft beer back to America after the that dark period when we felt prohibited to speakeasy about it. (Ahem.)

This year, on Saturday, May 6, large homebrew events will be held across the nation, and you can find them all on the AHA Website. And, because we’re just as serious about beer here in our state, we have a few events planned for you, New Mexican Brewquenos, as well.

The following lists all the AHA-registered events for our state:

Milton’s Cavern City Big Brew Day (brewery) – “Come hang out with the local homebrew club, Cavern City Brewers at Milton’s Brewing. A number of homebrewers will have their personal brewing systems in the outdoor area of the brewery demonstrating a homebrewer’s brew session.” Contact Brad Carlsen at to RSVP. Location: 108 E. Mermod, Carlsbad, NM.

Santa Fe Brewing Company (brewery) – “We will be hosting 2017 Big Brew in the brewery. Please come out to join us. RSVP to the email address so we can buy enough food for people.” Contact Ted Bolleter at to RSVP. Location: 35 Fire Place, Santa Fe, NM.

Southwest Grape & Grain and Worthogs Homebrew Club (homebrew supply shop) – “Homebrewers from the Worthogs Homebrew Club of NM will be brewing some All- Grain, Extract and BIAB recipes at Southwest Grape & Grain homebrew shop. They will be ready and eager to talk to anyone interested in learning how to brew, answer questions, and share their experiences. This event will run from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, call 505-332-2739 (SWGG) or 505-289-0123 (Worthogs).” Contact Donavan Lane/Ariel Figueroa at to RSVP. Location: 2801-N Eubank Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM.

Victors Home Brew (homebrew supply shop) – “We will have home brewers out on the porch brewing with their different types of equipment and eager to talk to anyone interested in learning to brew, answer questions, and share stories. Dukes of Ale brew club members will be participating and offering presentations on making mead, cider, and different kinds of brewing equipment. The event will run from 10 (a.m.) to 4 (p.m.). Come have samples, pizza, and refreshments. Call 505-883-0000 for more information.” Contact Jens Deichmann at to RSVP. Location: 2436 San Mateo Pl. NE, Albuquerque, NM.

To RSVP directly and for additional details for these events, just click this LINK! Do it!

MIlton's Brewery Logo

Feature: Milton’s and Cavern City Brewers Big Brew Day

From co-owner/head brewer Lucas Middleton: “This Saturday, Cavern City Brewers will be participating in the American Homebrewers Big Brew 2017 at Milton’s brewing on the patio (out back). We will be opening at 2 p.m. for locals to come and check out the brewing process and get the word out about the Homebrew club.

“The Friday before (May 5), Tractor is coming down to supply us with a new beer called Minute-4, a smoked lager they brewed for the firefighters in Carlsbad. We will be donating proceeds from this beer to help the team out.

“Carlsbad’s team, with Fire Chief Rick Lopez, won the world championship, the national championship, and set the world tandem record during 2016’s Scott Firefighter Challenge. The team members include Brad Carlsen (of the Cavern City Brewers), Jay Carter, Todd Vannatter, Geronimo Ontiveros and Casey Collins.”


Big Brew with the Babes in Brewland, SFBC 2015

Feature: Big Brew at Santa Fe Brewing Company

This year, on Saturday, May 6, beginning at 9:30 a.m., Santa Fe Brewing Company will once again host Big Brew with, well, a big brew session in their big brewery. Santa Fe’s fine homebrew club, the Sangre De Cristo Craft Brewers homebrew club, will be there to talk beer, brewing, and the craft of craft-beermanship. Food will be provided to those who RSVP, and SFBC R&D manager, David Ahern-Seronde (of current Santa Fe Reporter cover page fame) will be offering tours of the entire grounds, including the new packaging hall, barrel cave, and The Bridge. It’s sure to be a rockin’ good time, so RSVP now.

Before SFBC had nixed the event in 2016, I had been to a couple Big Brews in the past before writing for the NMDSBC. It is actually at one of these, where I met with the Sangres, learned a thing or two about how to brew, and got started homebrewing, which expanded on my passion for craft beer as well as brewing industry network, which eventually landed me this sweet writing gig. So, folks, homebrewing, not fear, was the path to the Dark Side for me.

What to know: Santa Fe Brewing will provide hot and cold liquor for brewing. Food will be handled by the Sangre De Cristo Craft Brewers, that is, if you RSVP.

What to bring: Bring all your equipment! If you’re not feeling like bringing out the whole rig for an all-grain brew, then that’s fine, too. Feel free to do an extract brew, and just come out and have a good time. If you’re not sure what all-grain or extract brews are, then you could definitely benefit from coming out to Big Brew!


Peaches for the brew, SFBC 2015.

Homebrewing is a great gateway into the craft beer industry. Homebrewing channels passion, fosters creativity, and maybe above all, teaches technique. At the top level, homebrewing has even led many folks in the state to open up their own facilities, where you currently enjoy a hand-crafted experience, and at its lowest level of achievement, homebrewing teaches a much better understanding and appreciation for that carbonated beverage we love so much.

I highly recommend going to any of these special events, even if you don’t plan to brew, or to take up homebrewing. You’ll get to talk homebrewers about DIY projects of the beer-related kind, and also you’ll get to speak with pro brewers about their favorite thing to chat about, and I’ll give you a hint — it’s not distribution and licensing. You can ask them all you want about making the good stuff.

So, I hope you go out, and maybe one of you will decide to learn to homebrew after this weekend, and maybe one of you will achieve greatness and open up the brewery that turns the New Mexico brewing industry upside down, all because you stopped in to check things out on a Saturday. Who knows? Hope you can make it out to one of the events! And, remember folks, fear might lead to anger. Anger might lead to hate. Hate usually leads to suffering. But, the Dark Side Brew Crew will always lead you to beer.


— Luke

Luke123 Steel Bender

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Hey what’s up folks, it’s Luke (the Santa Fe guy). You guys have heard of Vice, right? Well, Vice Media runs a little channel called Viceland where they show programs on everything from weed, tattoos, to the rest of counter culture and craft beer. Recently Viceland came to New Mexico to film their debut episode of the brand new show BEERLAND, which follows Golden Road Brewing founder, Meg Gill, across the country, as she checks out local craft beer scenes and the unique cultures united around the brews.

In the debut episode Gill meets up with a few familiar faces from our craft beer scene. You may remember Mr. Angelo Orona from a recent hit beer event, Tart at Heart, as well as many others he’s been a part of around our state. Gill chatted with Orona to learn a little about NM’s traditions and the passion we put into the beer we make. She also made a special trip to meet with home-brewer Cale Chappelle’s amazing home saloon (which is a must see, if you ask us). She also checked out Meow Wolf for the first time, and caught a bonfire on the fringes of (Taos) society with Burger Stand at Taos Ale House owner Bobby Joe.

Throughout the season of BEERLAND, Gill meets up with homebrewers across America to give them a chance to brew their beer at her brewery. Chappelle and a friend and former co-worker of mine, Andy Lane, were the two home brewers chosen to represent the state’s vibrant home-brewing scene for this episode. Both created special brews for the show, but only one of them will move on to compete for the good stuff, with the good stuff. Who will win? You’ll just have to find out on Thursday on VICE TV.

When I asked Lane what he hoped America might learn about New Mexico’s beer culture from watching the show, he replied, “I hope America learns that New Mexico has been developing its beer culture over the last 30 years, completely independent from the rest of the country. We find ways to use local ingredients that you can find nowhere else in the world. I believe some day, a Neomexicanus (one of NM’s local varieties of hops) Pale Ale will be a universally recognizable style.”

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 2.17.04 PM

Local brewery employee and home brewer, Andy Lane.

If you don’t have cable, satellite, connected devices, or if you, too, live off the grid, the Lodge in Santa Fe is hosting some public events on Thursday and Friday, amidst which, they’ll hold a special screening of the episode. The events are free, but you definitely want to pick up some tickets right here at this LINK. Come out and celebrate craft beer, and support New Mexico’s local beer culture. Hope to see you there!


— Luke

Event Schedule

Thursday, 4/27

5-6 p.m.: Happy Hour with music & lawn games

6-7 p.m.: Home Brew seminar for the hop-curious

7:30-8 p.m.: Special screening of BEERLAND, episode one, filmed entirely in Santa Fe and featuring local sites and faces

8-9 p.m.: Trivia, lawn games & live music

Friday, 4/28

9-10 a.m.: Detox with Hop Yoga for all levels

10-11 a.m.: Retox with Beer-tails & Breakfast

Luke123 Steel Bender

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If you have all sufficiently recovered from the concert at El Rey, pick a taproom and enjoy a special beer today!

Back when we presented our preview for the Marble ninth anniversary week events, one of the lingering questions was what beers would be part of the special From the Wood triple release. Well, thanks to Marble marketing and events coordinator Geraldine Lucero being her awesome self, we have the scoop before any of the three taprooms open today at noon.

  • Cereza Cerveza (6.2% ABV), which debuted at Tart at Heart 3 last weekend, will be at Marble 111 (Downtown).
  • Gin Blossom Ashlar (7% ABV) will be at the Northeast Heights taproom.
  • Nitro Brune (8.5% ABV) will be at the Westside taproom.

Each of the beers will offer up a unique and different tasting experience.

“The one that I’m really excited about is the Cereza Cerveza,” Geraldine said. “We’re using pilsner malt, Magnum hops, Chardonnay barrels, Dalton cherries, and lots of patience. The tasting notes on that are bright cherry flavor, neat and subtle funk, lively acidity, and mellow notes of oak creating an easy-drinking, fruited sour.”

Even as a non-sour drinker, I personally enjoyed that beer at Tart at Heart. It pretty much tastes exactly as those tasting notes describe.

The Gin Blossom Ashlar is the Double White aged in Stonecutter Spirits gin barrels.

“Some of the tasting notes from this beer: The Double White takes on notes of rosemary and mint and juniper berries, as well as a subtle vanilla bourbon note,” Geraldine added. “We tried it (Wednesday). It’s so good, it’s so tasty.”

Considering how much you all love Double White, this one should go fast.

The Nitro Brune is the La Brune on nitro, as if one could not tell by the name. The CO2 version debuted back on New Years Day and proved to be quite popular.

“Some of the tasting notes on the Nitro Brune: Notes of prune and dried cherries. A smooth tartness and warming notes of vanilla and bourbon from the oak blend together to make a luscious experience in the glass,” Geraldine said.

Marble Westside is fast becoming a major destination for people who like a wide variety in their beers.

“Our Westside location has 25 different beers on tap right now,” Geraldine said. “That’s insane. We’re also doing an archive beer tapping there Saturday. DJ Leftover Soul will be there Saturday night.”

Archive beer tapping? Lord help us if they have vintages of Imperial Stout and/or Reserve Ale. Oh, Isotopes, you just had to be home this week …

Anyway, Geraldine also had a couple additional news tidbits she wanted to pass along.

“I’ll give you a little scoop,” she said. “Have you tried the Indiana Bones Raider of the Lost Ale? That’s an IPA that drinks like a 6-percent (ABV) IPA but it’s only 4 percent. It’s a delicious, hop-forward, I couldn’t believe that it’s only 4 percent.”

OK, an early contender for best beer name of the year right there. We will let everyone know when it pops up on tap, but you can keep track yourself by checking the constantly updated beer menus for all three Marble locations on Untappd. Just search by venue and you will find them.

For those of you who love the beer/food pairings at Marble, they have a huge one coming up for Cinco de Mayo.

“Something else that we’re working on other than anniversary week that’s coming up is our (next) Crave featuring Chef David Gaspar from Artichoke Cafe,” Geraldine said. “We’re turning the fermentation hall into a dining hall again. A four-course meal paired with four special brews. We met with Chef David this afternoon to do a tasting.

“The beer lineup is looking like Pilsner Anejo will be on the menu, the Hans Cholo is going to be on there, and we’re thinking about putting our Pineapple Gose on the menu. That’s what we started with (Wednesday). He’s going to come up with some pairing ideas and we’re going to do a tasting at Artichoke next week. Tickets are looking like they’re starting at $60 a seat (for) Friday, May 5.”

Artichoke Cafe and Marble? As soon as those tickets go on sale, get them, because they will go fast.

Thanks to Geraldine for taking the time out of her (insanely) busy day to chat. And thanks to old Crew friend Tyler for the samples of Pineapple Gose, Hans Cholo, and Maibock, the ninth anniversary beer that is now on tap and for sale in bombers.


— Stoutmeister

All the final details to know for Tart at Heart

Posted: April 13, 2017 by cjax33 in Events

There will be 31 beers for everyone to choose from this Saturday.

Just in case ya missed our last story, Tart at Heart returns for its third go-around, this Saturday at 1 p.m. (VIP)/2 p.m. (general admission) at Sister downtown. Considering that the first two editions sold out in 2015 and 2016, we figured there were still some details you all needed to know. To find out all of it, I sat down with organizers Angelo Orona of Craft King Consulting and Kevin McAllister, the beer manager of Kelly Liquors on Juan Tabo, inside the friendly confines of Starr Brothers over a pint of Phantom Limb Black Rye IPA.

“Kevin’s done a great job curating a really big, interesting list of sour and barrel-aged beers,” Angelo said. “One thing that I noticed that was a little different this year was the interest from local breweries to participate was way up. I think the other thing that Kevin and I noticed was that people started proactively asking us about the fest. Whereas the last two years I think we had to kind of like had to convince people to participate.”

There will be 14 New Mexico breweries present with one or more beers — Boxing Bear, Canteen, Chama River, Dialogue, Duel, Enchanted Circle (Angel Fire), Hub City (Belen), La Cumbre, Marble, Ponderosa, Rowley Farmhouse Ales, Santa Fe, Sierra Blanca, and Turtle Mountain.

“The format is going to be similar to last year,” Angelo said. “It’s going to be unlimited tasting. We have it looks like (several) more beers than last year.”

The VIP tickets have sold out, but Angelo said there will likely still be general admission tickets at the door. Just in case, you might want to head to the website and buy yours in advance if you have not already.

For VIPs, a new treat this year is a trifecta of food pairings — artichoke hearts, pork belly skewers, salted chocolate torte — with the beers, including some specials that will only be available in that first hour. That replaces the T-shirt from last year.

“Sister has really stepped up the sophistication of their kitchen and what they’re putting out,” Angelo said. “They were excited to collaborate on the food pairings. Their head chef put a lot of effort into researching ingredients and pairings that will work well with all of these sour beers. That’s definitely different. We learned our T-shirt lesson.”

Oh, and we wish we could share something really cool that we know should be happening for VIP ticket holders, but we have been sworn to secrecy. Let us just say, a big surprise potentially awaits you. A tasty surprise.

There will also be a charity to benefit from all of this beer sampling.

“The only new thing I can think about is the charity involved is Storehouse of Albuquerque,” Kevin said. “We’re accepting non-perishable food items at the door as well.”

Angelo said there will be more capacity this year at Sister after things got a tad crowded last year. The bar will also be open if designated drivers wish to sit there and enjoy a tasty non-alcoholic beverage or two while waiting.

“We’re hoping to just make it fun,” Angelo said. “Obviously we want everyone to get home safe. We want to make sure we have resources there so everyone can get home.”

If there are special Uber or Lyft codes made available, we will update this story.

OK, now having made everyone reading this wait this long (you better not have scrolled down), here is the final beer list for Tart at Heart 3.

  • Boxing Bear Black and Blue Sour
  • Canteen Social Capital with cherries on French oak
  • Canteen Social Capital with orange peel, cardamom, and vanilla
  • Cascade Sang Royal (oak and port barrel aged with bing cherries)
  • Chama River Crema Anejo
  • Dialogue Berliner Weisse
  • Dialogue Raspberry Sour
  • Dogfish Head Alternate Takes #4 (farmhouse with apricots aged on oak)
  • Dogfish Head Siracusa Nera (wine barrel aged sour with grape mist)
  • Duchesse de Burgone Oude Bruin
  • Duel Sour Nelli
  • Enchanted Circle Plum Sour
  • Firestone Walker Bretta Weisse
  • Firestone Walker Parabola
  • Founders KBS
  • Hub City Mango Chile Gose
  • La Cumbre Ryeot on Rye
  • Marble Cereza Cerveza
  • Marble La Brune
  • New Belgium Apple Felix
  • North Coast Tart Cherry Berliner Weisse
  • Ponderosa Oud Bruin
  • Rowley Farmhouse Ales Ab Initio
  • Rowley Farmhouse Ales Baby Hands
  • Rowley Farmhouse Ales Saison du Solstice Double Cherry (VIP only)
  • Santa Fe Cherry Berliner Weisse
  • Sierra Blanca Cranberry Sour Ale
  • Sierra Nevada Barrel-aged Biere de Garde
  • Stone Locoveza
  • Turtle Mountain Brett Barrel-Aged Plum Creme Ale
  • Upslope Barrel-Aged Quad
  • Upslope Brett Beer

Full descriptions of the beers will be loaded into the WhichCraft app for the event. They will also, of course, be on hand at the event.

“We’re grateful for people for supporting us over the last two years,” Angelo said.

“Sister has been a great partner for us again this year. Every year they’ve supported Kevin and I more than we can ask for.”

Thanks to Angelo and Kevin for the sit-down, the beer, and of course for putting on this event. I swear I will not just be drinking the Parabola and KBS, but you might want to avoid cutting in front of me in line for either. See you all Saturday afternoon.


— Stoutmeister

Happy ninth anniversary, Marble!

The good folks from Marble recently sent us their list of events for the upcoming ninth anniversary extravaganza, so of course we will share them with all of you. The good news is they did not go completely crazy and try to have nine days worth of events. It seems the eight-day marathon last year may have resulted in casualties among the staff, so they smartly capped this one at six days. Still, there is a lot packed in there.

Monday, April 17: Brew Club Appreciation Party

  • Where: Downtown, inside the fermentation hall
  • Time: 6-9 p.m.
  • Cost: Free for Brew Club members
  • Details: Members get an advance tasting of the anniversary beer, a maibock. There will be raffles, hors d’oevures from Savoy, and live music by The Gershom Brothers. The real highlight will be were Brew Club members are asked to submit a creative new brew style. The winner, selected by the Marble brewing staff, will then get to see his/her beer brewed at the Northeast Heights location.

Tuesday, April 18: CRAVE

  • Where: Westside Taproom
  • Time: 7-9 p.m.
  • Cost: $60 per person ($55 for Brew Club members)
  • Details: Good & Thorough Foods will provide the dishes for this third edition of CRAVE. There will be four courses paired with four special beers. Dinner will be served on the patio.

Wednesday, April 19: Anniversary Tap and Bottle Release

  • Where: All locations
  • Time: From open to close
  • Details: Get your hands on the Maibock, on tap or in 22-ounce bottles to take home.
  • Music: Whiskerman will perform downtown from 8-11 p.m.

Thursday, April 20: A Trip with The Mav—The Floozies live

  • Where: El Rey Theater
  • Time: 8-11 p.m.
  • Tickets: Go to
  • Details: The Floozies will host a funky dance party.
  • Plan B: The Big Spank performs downtown from 8-11 p.m.

Friday, April 21: From the Wood Release

  • Where: All locations
  • Time: Open to close
  • Details: Similar to New Year’s Day, Marble will be releasing a different, unique beer in the From the Wood series at each of their three locations. Stay tuned for which beer will be at which taproom.
  • Live music: Downtown—Burque Sol with Vibestrong, 8-11 p.m.; Heights—Isaac Aragon, 7-10 p.m.; Westside—The Bus Tapes, 8-11 p.m.

Saturday, April 22: Marble Market

  • Where: Downtown
  • Time: Noon-6 p.m.
  • Details: Join multiple local artists, vendors, and more, including Metal The Brand, while Hi-Phy Records will be selling and providing the tunes.
  • Bonus event: There will be an archived beer tapping at the Westside Taproom, all day
  • Live music: Downtown—Blue Hornets with Balkan Dub Squad, 8-11 p.m.; Heights—The Big Naturals, 7-10 p.m.; Westside—Leftover Soul, 8-11 p.m.

There will also be a special Sunday show with Reviva! downtown on Sunday from 3 to 6 p.m. In addition, the next round of Marble Mouth-Off will be at the Heights location Sunday from 4 to 6 p.m.

If we get word of any additional fun events/beer tappings, or especially the identity of those From the Wood beers, we will share them immediately. Until then, start clearing your schedules for next week and properly preparing yourselves. Just don’t drink up all the Stout Americano, OK? Please? Pretty please?


— Stoutmeister

The taps will be flowing with some special beers this Saturday. (Photo courtesy of Rock & Brews)

It is spring, so slowly but surely the beer festivals are popping up. Our friends over at Rock & Brews are hosting a Spring Beer Festival this Saturday, with a mix of local and regional breweries in attendance.

The event kicks off at 2 p.m., and tickets cost either $12 in advance or $15 at the door. Participants get a commemorative sample glass and then a chance to try beers from 11 breweries, six local and five from outside the state.

Participating breweries from beyond our borders include Dogfish Head, Left Hand, New Belgium, Sierra Nevada, and Upslope. The locals are Boese Brothers, Ponderosa, Rio Bravo, Santa Fe, and Sierra Blanca.

In addition to many of the usual favorites, Rock & Brews shared a few of the specialty one-off kegs that will be tapped.

  • UPDATE: Boese Brothers Zeus Juice White IPA
  • Left Hand Honey Saison AuMiel
  • New Belgium Tartastic
  • Ponderosa 200th Brew Baltic Porter and New England IPA (making its debut here before going on tap at the brewery)
  • Rio Bravo La Luz Lager
  • UPDATE: Rowley Farmhouse Ales Good on Ya (Motueka single-hop pale ale)
  • Santa Fe Western Bloc IPA

If we receive news of any additional specialty kegs, we will share them before the event kicks off.

There will also be live music from Chris Ravin (2-5 p.m.) and special door prizes and giveaways.

Stop in, have fun, and you will still have plenty of time to get to Isotopes Park for Dukes Retro Night and the Albuquerque Baseball Hall of Fame induction for pitching brothers Pedro, Ramon, and Jesus Martinez.


— Stoutmeister

The 3rd Annual New Mexico Food Truck and Craft Beer Festival returns this Saturday with 20 breweries in attendance. (Photo courtesy of Food Truck Festivals of America)

The 3rd Annual New Mexico Food Truck & Craft Beer Festival returns this Saturday with 20 local and regional craft breweries providing their beers at Balloon Fiesta Park. The event kicks off at noon and runs until 6 p.m. It will feature some 25 local food trucks. The cost is $5 online and $10 at the gate.

Tickets to buy beer will be sold for $6 apiece at the festival, or attendees can purchase a four-pack of beer tickets for $20. They can also purchase a general admission ticket with three beer tickets online for $18.50.

More information on the trucks and the like can be found via the event’s Facebook page or at the website linked above. Since we are a beer website, the most important information we can provide for all of you is the list of attending breweries and the beers that will be served. There are seven New Mexico breweries/cideries represented.

  • Abbey Brewing: Monks’ Ale, Monks’ Dark, Monks’ Tripel
  • Avery Brewing: Ellie’s Brown, Liliko’i Kepolo, White Rascal
  • Ballast Point: Longfin Lager, Mango Even Keel, Sculpin IPA
  • Breckenridge Brewing: Nitro Vanilla Porter, Dry Irish Stout, Mango Pale Ale
  • Dogfish Head: SeaQuench Ale, Flesh & Blood IPA, 60 Minute IPA
  • Great Divide Brewing: Colette Farmhouse Ale, Yeti Imperial Stout, Titan IPA
  • Green Flash/Alpine: Pure Hoppiness DIPA, Tangerine Soul Style IPA, Passion Fruit Kicker
  • Guns and Oil: Wild Bill (Wheat Bock), American Lager
  • Lagunitas Brewing: IPA, 12th of Never Ale, Hop Stoopid DIPA
  • Nuevo Brewing: Nuevo, Bloody Maria
  • Pecan Brewing: Hoppin Wheat, Pecan Beer
  • Rio Bravo: Roadkill Red, New Mexico Pinon Coffee Porter, Snakebite IPA
  • Sandia Cidery: Apple, Watermelon, Cherry
  • Santa Fe Brewing: Happy Camper IPA, Freestyle Pils, Pale Ale
  • SanTan Brewing: Mr. Pineapple, Devils Ale, Sex Panther Chocolate Porter
  • Sierra Blanca Brewing: Cherry Wheat, Alien Amber, Outlaw Lager
  • Sierra Nevada: Pale Ale, Sidecar, Torpedo IPA
  • Ska Brewing: Modus Mandarina, Mexican Logger, Pinstripe Red
  • Upslope: Citra Pale Ale, Craft Lager, Guava
  • Wasatch/Squatters: Hop Rising IPA, Ghost Rider White IPA, Off Duty IPA

In addition to all of that, Food Truck Festivals of America is offering up a special giveaway to Brew Crew readers for a four-pack of tickets and $40 in truck bucks. Rather than just pick one of you, we would like to test your beer knowledge. The first person to correctly answer the following question will get the tickets (your name will be at will call).

Q: Which New Mexico brewery has won the most medals (gold, silver, and bronze) at the Great American Beer Festival? (As a tiebreaker, give us the exact number.)

Email your answer to

UPDATE: We have a winner already! It took just 10 minutes from the time this story was posted for someone to correctly guess Canteen/Il Vicino, which is the current leader with 12 medals. Thanks to all who participated!

Have fun at the fest!


— Stoutmeister

Tart at Heart boasts another bountiful beer lineup

Posted: March 28, 2017 by cjax33 in Events, News

If this doesn’t help you get over tax day, nothing will.

Pucker up, sour lovers, Tart at Heart is returning for its third edition on Saturday, April 15. To whet your collective appetites, we figured why not share the beer list. Of course, more beers will be added, but fear not, we will have an even more in-depth preview in the days before everyone gathers at Sister.

Before the beers, we should also note that the event’s Facebook page just announced that all VIP tickets are sold out online. Kelly Liquors on Juan Tabo (505-292-4520) and Sister (505-242-4900) may have a few hard copies left, but please, call in advance before you head over and end up sad. General admission tickets are still available for $35 apiece.

The good news about this event is that it will attract even more local breweries than before. Also, should you not be the biggest fan of sour or overly funky beers, there will be quite the variety of specialties available.

The list of beers to date:

  • Canteen (2): Social Capital with cherries aged on French oak; Social Capital with orange peel, coriander, and vanilla
  • Cascade: Sang Royal (malt beverage with cherries aged on oak)
  • Chama River: Cream Anejo (tequila barrel-aged cream ale)
  • Duel: Suor Nelli (barrel-aged sour Scottish ale)
  • Enchanted Circle: Plum Sour
  • La Cumbre: Ryeot on Rye (strong red ale aged in rye whiskey barrels)
  • New Belgium: Apple Felix (wild ale aged in apple brandy barrels)
  • Santa Fe (2): Berliner Weisse; Berliner Weisse with cherries
  • Sierra Nevada: Barrel-aged Biere de Garde

The remaining breweries set to participate includes locals Dialogue, Marble, Rowley Farmhouse Ales, and Turtle Mountain, plus the big boys — Firestone Walker, Founders, and Stone.

Stay tuned for more beers and additional details. Go get those tickets sooner than later, though!


— Stoutmeister

Turtle Mountain is getting the (anniversary) party started next week!

Sometimes it can be hard to squeeze all the important details about upcoming events into The Week Ahead in Beer, thus forcing some separate, but short stories. This is one of those, as we felt you all needed more details on the upcoming 18th anniversary events at Turtle Mountain.

The Rio Rancho institution is celebrating another milestone birthday with a few beer specials, plus a heck of a brewmaster’s dinner this coming Wednesday.

First up, they are tapping Coconut McSmack on Friday. Head brewer Mick Hahn spent about four hours toasting 75 pounds of coconut in the TMBC wood-fired oven to add to his popular Scottish ale. It should be a delicious weekend treat.

Then on Tuesday, look for a special cask of SCH Scotch Lager, which has run out on CO2.

The big fun then comes Wednesday. For this dinner of epic proportions, there will be plenty of beer-and-food pairings. It costs $50 per person, and seating is limited, so please call (505) 995-9497 as soon as possible to make your reservation.

What does that $50 get you?

  • Aperitif cask of Marzen
  • Appetizer: Tropical shrimp cocktail with pineapple-habanero salsa and roasted coconut flakes, paired with Coconut McSmack
  • Salad: Asparagus spring salad with roasted beets, hard-boiled quail egg parmesan crisp, house beer mustard vinaigrette, and seasonal greens, paired with Consensual Sensations 18th Anniversary DIPA
  • Entree: Lager-marinated and smoked prime rib, Marzen-steamed lobster tail, browned butter herbed fingerling potatoes, and agave glazed carrots, paired with Oaked Depravity Barley Wine
  • Dessert: House-made Irish stout ice cream with chocolate pine nut brittle, stout caramel drizzle, paired with Snakedriver Irish Stout

That all just sounds ridiculously amazing. Get on over to TMBC next week and celebrate one of our best breweries.


— Stoutmeister