Bikes, Beer, and Coffee…

…what a concept.

It seems like those three things truly go hand in hand.  I’ve done it — ride all day, then go to the bar, and then drink coffee the next morning to kill my hangover.

Well this is our first out-of-town post and it takes place at the Denver Bicycle Cafe in, where else, Denver. (go and “like” their facebook page)

As you can guess, this is a cyclist hangout.  They serve beer, coffee, and a few other goodies that can be found in your everyday mom-and-pop coffee shop.

The one thing that makes this place unique is the full-service bike shop.  I’m not going to lie, this place is pretty awesome.  While writing this small post on my android phone, I’m drinking an Oskar Blues G’knight Imperial Red while my friend is riding the vintage Schwinn Exercise bike.  This red is very smooth, creamy, and light on the hoppy side.  For those that are Santa Fe fans, it’s served in cans.

Another beer worth checking out is the limited-release Upslope Foreign Style Stout from Boulder.  I feel that the big fear of stouts that scares folks away is the bitterness or almost burnt flavor, yet this is a very drinkable beer.  The flavor isn’t burnt or bitter.  Actually, this beer has a flavor all its own.  Upslope doesn’t seem to be imitating anyone.  Both of these Colorado beers are awesome.  If you can get these beers in your area, get off your computer and go to your local liquor store and pick them up.

If you happen to live in or are passing through the Denver metro area, make your way up to the East Colfax Neighborhood and stop in.  You won’t be disappointed.  Tell Jessica, the owner, that Jon from Albuquerque sent you.

— Shilling

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