Metalheads rejoice! TRVE Brewing is your new destination

Posted: July 17, 2013 by cjax33 in Brewery Reviews, Out-of-Town Brews

Stoutmeister here. Porter Pounder went up to Denver in between movie gigs, or possibly on his days off, the rest of us are never quite sure. Either way, while there he discovered a fairly new brewery that taps into our group’s metal-loving souls. Now that he has another brief break in filming, he sent in his review of TRVE Brewing.

TRVE Brewing has barely been open for a little over a year. It is a metalhead’s haven of amazing beer, good music, and brutal artwork lining the walls, which is on a constant rotation of artists. Most of their beers are named after metal bands’ songs or namesakes. The best part of this brewery is the crowd. It’s clearly people of all styles of wardrobe and musical preferences who join in the name of phenomenal beer.

Metalheads opened a brewery and decorated it accordingly.

Metalheads opened a brewery and decorated it accordingly.

Here is a beer-by-beer review of what TRVE Brewing had on tap when I visited in June. A big thanks to bartenders Jason and Wil for their guidance in my journey.

Wanderlust (Belgo-American Pale Ale): Definitely Belgian-influenced with the lighter American hops blending with the Belgian yeast. Smooth and light and easy to drink. A perfect start to my inaugural flight. (5.8% ABV)

Prehistoric Dog (Salted Wheat Beer): Easily the most metal version of Blue Moon you’ll ever have. The salt brightens all the flavors and makes it extremely smooth. The smell is uncanny before it hits your palate. Still light and summery even if you’re cranking Nasum while drinking it. (4.4% ABV)

From left to right, the Hellion, TRVE Brewing Vol. I, Death Ripper and ATMA.

From left to right, the Hellion, TRVE Brewing Vol. I, Death Ripper and ATMA.

Tunnel of Trees (IPA): The nose on this is uncanny. Amazing floral hops with just the perfect bite. Another cool summer winner. (7.3% ABV)

Hellion (American Table Beer): Oat-y beer with a light alcohol volume. Drinking this is almost as easy as eating cereal and the flavor matches, too, and I mean that in only the best way. I want to pour this over my Wheaties or make oatmeal with it every day for the rest of my life. (4.2% ABV)

TRVE Brewing Vol. I (Party Beer): Their anniversary beer which breaks the mold of doing a drinking man’s IPA. By that I mean one that isn’t quite as pungent as a normal IPA. It truly is a perfect beer with a hearty hoppy flavor that you could drink all night. (4.0% ABV)

Death Ripper (Denver 666 Common): Just enough bite to keep you interested, this commons beer is very unique. The rich caramel color translates into the flavor as well as leaving an amazing lingering taste after you’re done. Oddly enough the bourbon mash makes for a really clean finish, unlike bourbon barrel-aged beers that overtake the beer itself. (4.2% ABV)

ATMA (Belgian Strong): The Belgian yeast is strong in this one. The citrus provides a palate cleanser after you get a wave of really well-balanced wheat and yeast. This is technically lighter than many Belgian strongs I’ve had in the past,  even at that 8-percent ABV.

And finally the one I saved for the end of my rotation:

From left to right, the Wanderlust, Prehistoric Dog, Tunnel of Trees and Stout O)))

From left to right, the Wanderlust, Prehistoric Dog, Tunnel of Trees and Stout O)))

Stout O))) (American Stout): This stout has one of the most pleasing noses I’ve smelled in a while. The very subtle but noticeable coffee tones are washed with chocolate and a deep, roasted aroma. It is not quite smoky, though, just roasted and warm. Easily the only heavy-body beer of the night, this is the perfect finish. Rich and malty and warming, this will coat your palate and leave you happy. It’s oddly low in alcohol volume for the flavor, but its so robust I would have no issue packing down a sixer of these in a night. (5.8% ABV)

* * * *

While I was there the Nazareth (Double IPA, 10% ABV) just went off tap and was replaced with the ATMA, and the Prehistoric Dog was pints away from being replaced with their new Black Cascade. Well, my friends, I’m off to bathe in goat’s blood in the forest, guiding my way through the dark treacherous path by flaming swords. I recommend you do the same!

— Porter Pounder

P.S. I came back and tried the new Black Cascade (Black American Ale, 6.6% ABV) as it went on tap finally. This is a bold change. Easily one of the most robust in all-around flavor. This beer packs a punch in hops and will creep up on you in alcohol content. Very pungent off the top of your tongue through washing down your throat, this is an IPA fan’s delight. For being a non-IPA fan myself, I’m sold.


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