ABQ Beer Week Review: Golfing it up for the Guild

Posted: May 26, 2014 by cjax33 in ABQ Beer Week 2014
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Another day, another review from one of our correspondents for ABQ Beer Week. Makes life a little easier when you’re far away. (And yes, Chicago is awesome.) — Stoutmeister

The 2014 NM Brewers Guild Golf Tournament was an excellent event held at the Santa Ana Golf Course on Saturday morning. The golf course staff was top notch, and were terrific hosts for this event.

A little Marble Pilsner and a breakfast burrito are a good start to a day of golf.

A little Marble Pilsner and a breakfast burrito are a good start to a day of golf.

Golfers were greeted in the morning with a breakfast burrito and coffee or a pint of Marble pilsner to wash it down. There was a great turnout where reps, brewers, sales people and craft beer fans could all rub elbows and enjoy a crisp New Mexico morning. Once checked in, everyone took a full pint with them to their golf cart to start the day.

One of the highlights of this tournament is that it is half golf outing and half tasting event. At a couple places in the course, there was a setup of three kegs that you could sample from before moving on. We were able to try several terrific local beers that I’m not sure are all available in one place at any other event. There were beers from Turtle Mountain, Sierra Blanca, Il Vicino, and Marble for golfers to try. (You’ll have to forgive me if I forgot any breweries, but I was having a really good time.)

The tournament was set up as a scramble, which is where your team plays the best ball shot by the group. It was cool enough throughout the morning to make it a very nice day. There was also just enough wind to help those of us (ahem) that needed an excuse. It’s a good thing that the rest of my team seemed to know what they were doing.

The tournament moved quickly, but had to be called short by a few holes for lightning. I don’t think anyone was too let down as we had lunch and more beer waiting for us back at the clubhouse.

There were prizes handed out for various feats of strength and great frivolity ensued. I’m sure someone else won, but I preferred telling everyone later in the day that it was me. A friend once told me, and it holds true, that the worst day of golf is like a nice walk in the park.


— Guest writer G

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