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Posted: July 9, 2014 by cjax33 in Beer Bios

Greetings, everyone. Stoutmeister here to follow up on what amounted to our SOS post a few weeks back when E-Rock had to leave The Week Ahead in Beer (he’s still around and part of the Crew, his work/music schedule and spotty internet access just made it impossible to continue to write it in a timely manner). I put out the call for some new writers to join us and luckily six talented people responded. They are all New Mexico residents, love beer, and are good writers. With all that, I wasn’t able to tell any of them “sorry, good luck next time.” Instead, I hired all six of them, but with most minor of caveats.

Since the original seven Crew members are all good friends who have known each other for years (E-Rock and I have known each other since 1992, for instance), we’ve created the most minor of separation by designating our new writers as the Brew Crew Bullpen. Just like on a baseball team, they are the people we call upon when the Original Seven need relief. There are plenty of weeks when our collective jobs and crazy lives just make it impossible to get out there and get all the beer news you all need to know. So the Bullpen will come in and help us out as much as they can. For all intents and purposes, they are members of the Brew Crew, but for now they won’t necessarily participate in things like our annual Super Bowl Stout Challenge.

They will still represent the Brew Crew out in public and I fully expect them to do so with respect and courtesy to our fellow beer lovers and to all brewery staff members. To help introduce them to the brewing community in New Mexico, especially to brewery staffs who may be getting to know them in the near future, I have asked all six Bullpen members to write up a short bio and include a picture. They’re already working on stories (some self-generated, others that I’ve asked them to write), so keep an eye out for their debuts in the coming weeks.

Without further adieu, the Brew Crew Bullpen (in alphabetical order) …

Our first Briton in the Crew.

Our first Briton in the Crew.

Hi, I’m Adam, a recent arrival to Albuquerque (January 2014) and these United States (November 2008). Whilst I grew up drinking traditional cask ale back home in the U.K., I have been enthralled by the American craft beer scene and all it has to offer. Prior to ABQ I was living in Nashville, Tenn., and saw the area go from one to nine package breweries in a matter of a couple of years, not to mention countless growler fill stations and craft taps all over town. It was exciting and dynamic and a thrill to experience. Though the local scene here is way ahead in terms of size, that energy and growth is still very much present and I can’t wait to share my enthusiasm for it with you all!

Beer brings out the smiles in us all.

Beer brings out the smiles in us all.

My name is Amy O. As my family can attest to, I may have started drinking beer before I could really walk. My dad used to leave his beers unattended on the end table next to his recliner and I would crawl up into the chair and drink them as soon as he would walk away – there’s even a picture of it somewhere. I was born and raised in Albuquerque, but lived in Northern California for three years and Portland, Oregon, for six years. I graduated from Portland State University with a degree in communications, but I feel I should also hold an honorary Ph.D. in drinking. I can’t believe no one has contacted me about that yet. I also love football. It goes so well with beer. Another passion I have is traveling. I have been to at least 25 countries, and do consider myself what I would call an alco-tourist. For me, pre-trip research consists mainly of scouting out bars, breweries, and distilleries. My significant other and I have been together for 16 years but have no kids or even pets. We joke that we can barely keep plants alive as we are too busy traveling and beer-festing!

Dr. Brews Banner is on call.

Dr. Brews Banner is on call.

Hello all. My given name is Jason but some of you may know be better as Brews Banner, @TheBrewMexican on Twitter or Too Thirsty on Untappd. I’m a native Burqueño and UNM alum who loves to eat and drink local. I first became interested in craft beer at Kelly’s Brewpub in the early 2000’s but that beer paled in comparison to the flavor explosion that I experienced when I set foot in Marble the second day it was open. I had always been a “club” guy choosing hard liquor over beer. However, Marble changed that. The atmosphere, the people, and most importantly the beer were so different from anything I had ever experienced. I was finally home. It wasn’t unusual to find me at Marble three times a week. Although it still holds a special place in my heart, I tend to spread the love to all Albuquerque breweries now. Currently, if I’m not at home drinking a beer from my fridge or cellar, I’m searching Albuquerque and beyond on my quest to try every craft beer created. In my spare time I work for a local software company making the money that supports my craft beer addiction. I am very excited and honored to be given the opportunity to be NMDSBC Bullpen member. I look forward to meeting those of you who I have not had the pleasure of meeting yet and enjoying a beer.

Our first Santa Fe-based writer.

Our first Santa Fe-based writer.

Luke: I’m honored to be joining the Bullpen and more than happy to have another other outlet for my excess beer energy. I’m originally from Illinois, but I’ve lived in Santa Fe and Albuquerque for long enough that I can call myself New Mexico True. I also have a picture of me at a very young age with my tiny mitts wrapped around a bottle of beer. My grandpa thought that beer pacified me better than milk, and that still seems to hold true today. My love affair with beer truly began, however, with Marble’s IPA. A co-worker had asked me if I’d ever had one (an IPA) before. I’d never had a beverage with so much flavor! It was like getting punched in the face, followed by a sloppy yet ever so citrusy kiss. It was an experience. Beer like that makes you feel like an astronaut! Needless to say, I’ve never looked back. I still prefer a bright hoppy brew or something dark and delicious, but I’ll sample all the styles, and I’ll drink whatever strikes the mood. Since that fateful beer, all those years ago, I’ve only climbed deeper down the rabbit hole. I’ve become a homebrewer and belong to the Sangre De Cristo Craft Brewers Club. We meet every third Wednesday and brew all year. I also consider myself an intrepid beer-cationer, Untappd addict, brew-fest junkie, and soon I will be running a taproom tour in downtown Santa Fe. I have a full-time job, but it serves as a place to develop recipes and test them out on several guinea pigs at once. My friends and family support the homebrewing because, beer! And my girlfriend is from Oregon, so she gets the obsession on a spiritual level.

Paul has promised us a more beer-centric photo in the future.

Paul has promised us a more beer-centric photo in the future.

Paul: I lived in Bremerton, Bellingham, and Seattle before moving to Albuquerque in 1994. My first homebrew experience with college housemates was in 1989 and we destroyed the stove in our rental with boil overs. We also tried to make apple cider in a trashcan, which is how I learned the difference between alcohol and methanol! My first craft commercial beers were Red Hook, Full Sail, and Pete’s Wicked. I’m a pretty serious home brewer and have taken some professional brewing courses as well with the thought of opening a brewpub before I die. I’m also a techie and love to tinker. That said, I have a wife, two daughters, a dog, cat, rat, hedgehog, mortgage, and full-time day job. We are blessed to have such a vibrant craft brew environment here in New Mexico and I’m looking forward to all the new breweries opening soon.

The couple that drinks beer together is the best kind.

The couple that drinks beer together is the best kind.

Reid: I spend my days living and working as a software developer in Los Alamos. I grew up in Upstate New York before spending a summer in New Mexico and eventually making it permanent, thanks to the chile. Moving on to more exciting beer-y topics, I passed through the usual phases of beer appreciation over the last 25 years, from watery swill to the pinnacle of beerdom, the double IPA. Okay, I admit to being a hophead and gravitating towards the highest IBU entry on a menu. In this state, we are lucky enough to have some of the finest IPAs being made. I do try to keep an open mind and sample other styles, though I’m not sure when I’ll actually like a sour. I’ve only brewed beer once and I’m far from being an accredited beer judge, so I will be passing along the layman’s opinion as best I can. When I’m not at one of the many brewpubs in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, I’m usually out attempting to dance with my wife or on a trail somewhere.

* * * *

Both editions of The Week Ahead in Beer are in the works for this week. Also keep an eye out for our preview of the 2014 IPA Challenge, plus we hope to have some news on new breweries for next week.


— Stoutmeister

  1. adamauden says:

    Glad to be on board, thanks for having us!

  2. Thomas Molitor says:

    Thanks for covering the scene guys – it’s an exciting one, for sure!

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