PINTS pours out some info on its sister brewery Ponderosa

Posted: August 21, 2014 by amyotravel in New Brewery Preview

Editor’s note: This is the last of Amy O’s stories from Portland, but it has a pretty significant ABQ connection. She, Franz Solo, and possibly Jason are headed over to Ponderosa Brewing around the time you’re reading this to get a full tour and see what the new brewery is all about. I would have joined them, but I had to head down to Tucson today. More on that later. — Stoutmeister

ABQ's next brewery is getting closer to opening.

ABQ’s next brewery is getting closer to opening.

While visiting Portland, Oregon, last week, I dropped by PINTS Brewing to see if I could get some updates on the progress of Ponderosa Brewing Company in Albuquerque. I was lucky enough to find brewmaster Alan Taylor hard at work. Alan graciously sat down with me for a few minutes while I sipped on one of his delicious, cold, dry-hopped Maibocks. I was curious, so I asked Alan what made PINTS decide to open a brewery in Albuquerque. He said that the owner of the PINTS building is a real estate developer who owns land and mutli-use retail space in Albuquerque and had a desire to start a brewery in the Sawmill district. Ponderosa will be located at 1761 Bellamah NW.

Alan had some good news to share. Ponderosa’s brewer Matt Kollaja is brewing and they expect to open sometime in early September. I spoke with Matt this morning for a list of his beers currently in production. The first beer is a red ale. He is also brewing a Northwest-style IPA with five hops, a single-hop pale ale brewed with an experimental hop, and a Kölsch. They may have a fourth beer by the time they open. Matt has three fermenters, including a warm fermenter that he is very excited about because he wants to bring in some different styles that are not typical for breweries here in Albuquerque.

Ponderosa has eight taps. At this stage, the plan (subject to change) is to keep the red, the IPA, and the Kölsch on year-round. Matt would like to rotate single-hop pale ales to allow consumers to experience each hop as its own distinct flavor. He would also like to eventually do a rotating stout because he is a huge fan of stouts, as well as a rotating lager.

The brewery will also have a full kitchen. I visited PINTS on a Monday, which as luck would have it is their “Fry Day.” Each customer received a small basket of fresh-cut fries with their first pint purchase. They were very good and I always enjoy a snack with my beer. Maybe they will keep up the tradition at this location (hint!).


— Amy O

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