Matanza hopes to “kill it” in Nob Hill

Posted: September 16, 2015 by amyotravel in Beer Bars

The majority of the 100 craft beer taps at Matanza are from New Mexico.

A matanza translates to a killing or slaughter and comes from the Spanish action verb matar, meaning “to kill.” As a native New Mexican, I have attended a few matanzas (pig roasts) in my day, but none of these fiestas ever included 100 local craft brews on tap. In fact, the available beer was usually macro swill.

On a recent trip to this new restaurant and bar located at the corner of Wellesley and Central in Nob Hill, I skipped the food (because I read some not-so-great reviews and I figure I will give them some time to settle in to a groove). The beer selection was as advertised. Matanza does indeed have 100 local draft beers. There is a happy hour with $3 beers until 6 p.m., but doubles, triples, saisons, and ciders cost an extra dollar. Buyers beware, however, because I ordered a Santa Fe Black IPA and had to pay that extra dollar even though it was not one of the aforementioned styles. We presumed it was because it was over 7-percent ABV, but that was not stated. If you print out the rules on your beer menu, please follow them/make them all-encompassing.

Bueno: The old real estate adage applies, location, location, location. This is a great spot and they have done a spectacular job with interior décor. The bar is long, and the taps are showcased very well. It is simply a very nice place to hang out. We will definitely include it in our Nob Hill rotation. The servers were friendly and helpful. The price is good during happy hour. Outside of happy hour, beers are reportedly $4.75. There is obviously a wide range of local beers to choose from. There is a decent selection of New Mexico wine as well.

The interior is quite swanky.

The interior is quite swanky.

No bueno: I am a little concerned (as Brews Banner tweeted) about keeping 100 lines clean. I felt confident in the cleanliness on this visit because it is still so new. Other bars have accomplished it, so I will keep my fingers crossed. Temperature was a big factor, though. The beer was not served anywhere near cold enough. That will be a big issue if it is not remedied quickly. There are no food specials yet for happy hour. The appetizers and entrees are a little pricey, so it would help introduce people to the food if there are some specials during happy hour. When it started to get busy, we had a very difficult time getting and paying the check. It took quite a long time, despite the fact that there were four staff members working behind the bar.

Loco: The bathroom situation. There is a men’s restroom, a women’s restroom, and a family restroom. However, each is single occupancy, and this is a very large space. But in all fairness this is a common situation, especially in Nob Hill.

Matanza is located due north of Kellys.

Matanza is located due north of Kellys.

¿Quien sabé?: Food quality remains a mystery so far since we didn’t have any. People were ordering food and it did look appetizing as it passed by the bar on its way out to tables. If any readers have tried the food — and better yet, have an opinion on how it pairs with the beer — let us know your thoughts.


— AmyO

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