Fate took a turn south but that is a wonderful thing

Fate Brewing has opened a second, bigger location in South Scottsdale.
Fate Brewing has opened a second, bigger location in South Scottsdale.

Editor’s note: While it does receive the attention of Arizona Wilderness or a bigger place like Four Peaks or SanTan, Fate Brewing is one of the best breweries in the Phoenix metro area. AmyO stopped in during a recent visit to watch some terrible football game. (Woe be the hapless Lobos.) At least the beer was good. — Stoutmeister

One of my favorite breweries in Scottsdale recently opened a second location. The original Fate Brewing is on Shea Boulevard just east of Scottsdale Road. It occupies a small footprint in a nondescript strip mall. Despite that limited space, they were cranking out great beer and food. Now, Fate has added a spectacularly beautiful brewery and taproom just south of Old Town Scottsdale on Scottsdale Road. It is easily accessible by bus or trolley for those staying in the downtown/Old Town area. It is also just a block south of Papago Brewing in Papago Plaza.

My three companions and I were excited visit to Fate South. We all had samplers because we were curious to see if the expansion changed the quality of the beer. If anything, the tasting experience (both for food and beer) is even more positive because there are more types to choose from, and everything we tasted was very good. Some offerings were better than good.

Some of the best beers in Arizona.
Some of the best beers in Arizona.

The samples we chose were: Oh my Gatos! Golden Ale, Bamberg Hefeweisen, Grape of Thrones APA, Pale Down Unda APA, Baby Oats IPA, and Export Stout. We also ordered some pizza dough “focaccia” with marinara, sweet potato fries with “Fate Sauce” (a spicy, thousand-island-y fry sauce), and a hummus platter at happy hour pricing.

We sat at the bar and the bartender was funny and engaging. He joked around with us quite a bit. My group was having a discussion about how the smoked malt in the Bamberg Hefeweisen was odd and made for a very unique version of the style. We were unsure if we would order a whole pint. But then I put a fry with the sauce in my mouth, followed by a hearty sip of the Bamberg. Oh, wait, whoa there. That completely changed the flavor of the beer and it was an amazing combination. The bartender overheard and said with a huge grin, “Are you totally doing a beer and food pairing? How awesome!”

The choices were plentiful.
The choices were plentiful.

Some tasting notes: We had a consensus on an overwhelming favorite — the Grape of Thrones. Oh, my, that is very complex and yet meticulously balanced! It was like Grapefruit Sculpin’s younger cousin from the suburbs. The runner up was the Export Stout. It wasn’t super thick or overpowering, but that was good on a day where the temperature climbed over 100 degrees. Although it was a little lighter than expected, it was full of smooth, rounded, coffee goodness.

If you find yourself in Scottsdale, I heartily recommend a visit to Fate. Put Fate in your own hands!

Stop by and say hello the next time the Lobos are set to get killed by the Sun Devils.
Stop by and say hello the next time the Lobos are set to get killed by the Sun Devils.


— AmyO

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  1. amyotravel says:

    Writer’s comment: None of the football shaming came from me (including the photo caption), I swear! Would I have preferred that we won? Of course! But not everything about the game was purely negative. In fact, it was tied at 0-0 at the end of the first quarter, and 0-10 at half, so I was pretty impressed by the defense. The poor guys on the D probably got pretty worn out in the horrid heat because they were doing a majority of the work, and Arizona State adjusted too well at halftime. It was always a long shot game from the get-go and we knew it.

    But yes, we had better beer in Scottsdale on this trip than we ever had before. Newcomer Scottsdale Beer Company is also very good but admittedly must be heavily financed. It looks more like a chain, though it’s not (so far).

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