Chama just made the best stout better

Posted: February 26, 2016 by theshenerd in Beer Review

Hello, beautiful darkness!

What do you do when you have the best stout in Albuquerque, as decided by the Brew Crew? If you are Chama River Brewing, you take that winner and throw it in a cask. They tapped it Wednesday night and I knew I had to head over to try it out.

The result? Well, no mere words can truly describe the experience of the first pint. Nor the second. (I would have gone for a third, but I was driving home, plus I didn’t want to be greedy.)

But still, how to describe the casked Sleeping Dog Stout? The only way that seemed fitting was in the form of a sonnet of love.

Ode to a Casked Dog
The SheNerd

It should be unstated that dear Chama
Has always brewed one damn delicious stout.
Now they’ve done something made me yell ‘oooh Mama.’
But what exactly is this all about?
The brewer hid this nectar in a cask
And made improvements to our Sleeping Dog.
‘Is it really different?’ you ask.
Well, yes and no, and here’s my little log.
Served cool, not cold, it made the flavors sing
Not bubbly yet not flat it balanced well
Beer served this way it really is my thing
I’d drink it ’till the cask’s and empty shell
It hearkened back to ye olde England pub
And paired ever so nicely with their grub


— The SheNerd

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