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The brewer in the center of this photo, Tim Woodward, is changing breweries later this month. (Photo by Mario Caldwell)

The brewer in the center of this photo, Tim Woodward, is changing breweries later this month. (Photo by Mario Caldwell)

Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone! Enjoy yourselves today, but as always, be careful out there on drinking holidays, especially if you have to be on the road for any reason.

The slow news days continue, though a whole lot of events are on the horizon. From Blazin’ Brewfest in Las Cruces on Saturday, to the upcoming Bike & Brew in Santa Fe, and then ABQ Beer Week, things are about to get busy.

For now, here are a few little news tidbits to chew upon.

The brewer shuffle resumes

We learned at the end of last week that Turtle Mountain head brewer Tim Woodward is moving over to Bosque toward the end of this month. Tim has done a great job putting TMBC beers back on the map, but now he will be taking charge of day-to-day operations at Bosque’s forthcoming production facility in Bernalillo.

Fear not, John Bullard is not going anywhere, but this will free him up to move between the production facility and the current brewery on San Mateo, which will still be used to create the numerous excellent seasonals and specialties.

We will talk to Tim next week once he is back from the Craft Brewers Conference in Philadelphia, which is where a huge number of our local brewery staffs are currently located.

TMBC does have a new brewer lined up, though we were not sure it is all official yet, so we will hold off on naming him. He does come from another local brewery, we can tell you that.

Welcome to the craft beer scene, Grants

Late Thursday night, I spied a post from the Route 66 Junkyard Brewery in Grants that they have set their grand opening for Friday, July 1. The brewery will be located at 1634 W. Highway 66, right off Exit 81 of Interstate 40.

We of course hope that Route 66 will open on time. It is often hard to project things this far out, especially since the brewery just posted on Facebook back on April 1 that they are looking for a brewmaster. Hopefully by now they found someone.

If at least one of us in the Crew is free that weekend, we will head out to Route 66 and let you all know if we have a viable place to stop for beer when traveling west from ABQ.

Another small brewer license is pending

Our semi-regular check of the State of New Mexico’s Regulation and Licensing page revealed another new brewery has officially applied for their small brewer license. However, we are not sure the name listed is the real name of the forthcoming brewery. Our sources (friends online, basically) told us that Steel Bender Brewyard was eventually coming to the North Valley, somewhere near 2nd Street and Paseo del Norte.

Well, now amid the pending licenses is a Steel Vendor Brewyard, with a North Valley zip code listed. Odds are, Steel Bender is the real name, and someone just typed in the wrong word. It just makes a lot more sense as a name than Steel Vendor does.

At this point the brewery, by either name, has no presence online or on social media. If anyone out there knows the folks behind this new operation, please help us get in contact with them. As always, we can be reached at or via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or on comments below this or any story.

That is all the news updates we have for now. If you have any news or rumors, big or small, please contact us.


— Stoutmeister