Quarter Celtic brews up their version of the Biggest Small Beer Ever

Posted: May 16, 2016 by cjax33 in Events, News
We have to say, we are excited for this place to open.

Celebrate American Craft Beer Week at a favorite local hangout!

Quarter Celtic started teasing everyone a while back that they had something in the works that was rather unique. The Crew got tipped off to what it was, but we were nice and stayed quiet. (There is no truth to the rumor we were bribed with free BOWL OF MEAT or anything like that.) Finally, Quarter Celtic was able to reveal that they are part of a nationwide brewing event that ties into American Craft Beer Week, which kicks off today (Monday) across the country.

The Biggest Small Beer Ever is a single recipe for an imperial porter that will be brewed at one or more breweries in all 50 states. All participants will use the same ingredients. Basically, it gives everyone across America a chance to make the same beer, but with tiny differences to fit each place. Quarter Celtic is the only New Mexico brewery to participate.

“They sent an email out to the Brewers Association members (asking) if you wanted to be involved,” head brewer Brady McKeown said. “We just jumped on it. The way I read it, it could have been anybody. I don’t know why they’re the only ones that did it.”

Whatever the reason, it gives us all another reason to visit Quarter Celtic. Oh, darn. An imperial porter and a BOWL OF MEAT.

To put a slight twist on things, Brady will make use of his brand-new tap.

“Ours, we’re going to put on nitrogen just to probably be a little different,” he said. “Everything else, all the grain, is what it called for. I would love to give credit to whoever’s recipe that is, but I have no idea.”

Now, the beer is supposed to only be available during ACBW, but unless thirsty locals drink it all up, it should hang around a little longer.

“Only available 16th through the 22nd but we’re not going to throw it out,” Brady said. “We’ll have it on, especially with the nitrogen, it doesn’t lend itself to growler fills. We’ll probably have it a little longer than usual.”

You can also head over to Quarter Celtic on Thursday at 6 p.m. for the official ACBW Nationwide Toast. It only makes sense to be drinking the official beer of ACBW for the toast. Everyone that loves craft beer is invited to raise a pint, wherever you are, if you cannot make it over. Just good luck to those who have to cover a baseball game that night when beer is a no-no in the press box.

We will have more on ACBW events, including a collaboration release between Boese Brothers and Santa Fe, later this week.


— Stoutmeister

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