Beer Notes: A closing, a festival, awards, and more

Posted: September 23, 2016 by cjax33 in Beer Notes
Farewell to Chili Line, we hardly knew ye.

Farewell to Chili Line, we hardly knew ye.

As we stated on Facebook, this is a newsy Friday. Here is everything that would otherwise have slipped through the cracks.

A brewery comes to an end

The short-lived Chili Line Brewing announced on Friday that they are closing up shop inside Pizzeria De Lino.

This was posted on the Facebook page of the six-month-old brewery.

Well it was fun but it looks like Lino is pulling on the plug in the brewery. It wasn’t being in enough capital to cover expenses. See you on the flip side.
Ps. 2bbl brew house (qualifies as a 3bbl system) and 2 fermenters for sale call me at (505)500-7903 all other inquiries call Lino. (505)577-5353. And if there are any brew jobs available keep me posted.

It is always a shame when a brewery, no matter how big or small, closes its doors. We wish Alexander, the brewer, good luck in his next endeavor. Look for more on this story early next week.

A new festival debuts

The Alibi on Tap is set for Saturday from 4 to 10 p.m. at the ABQ Rail Yards. A combination of beer/wine/spirits sampling, plus live music and burlesque (!), this fest will have sampling (up to 10), plus pints for sale and growler fills.

Naturally, we did our best to make sure all the beer lists were as complete as possible. Here is what we received as of Friday afternoon (if any late updates arrive, they will be posted). UPDATED: We added Duel and Starr Brothers’ lists.

  • Bow & Arrow: Crossed Arrows (Scotch Ale), Sun Dagger (Saison)
  • Boxing Bear: Body Czech Bo Pils, Ambear, Uppercut IPA, La Flama Blanca, Apple Bear Cider
  • Dialogue: Belgian IPA, Belgian Dark Strong, two more TBD
  • Duel: Monomyth, Bad Amber, Fantin, Whistler
  • Left Turn/Palmer: MWA, Palmer’s Pale Ale, Guero (Belgian Wit)
  • Pi: Pumpkin Pi (saison), Discordia IPA, Pineapple Express, Scotty Doesn’t Know
  • Quarter Celtic: Mor-buck IPA, Dusk’s Early Night, Knotted Blonde, MacLomas Stout
  • Rio Bravo: TBD
  • Santa Fe: TBD
  • Sidetrack: TBD
  • Starr Brothers: Red Zepplin, Thunderr Ale, Motorbrreath, Electric Sun
  • Turtle Mountain: Raspberry Stout, Honeymoon RIOT!, two more TBD

You can still find tickets online for $15 apiece, or it will be $20 at the door.

First awards

Enchanted Circle Brewing, up in Angel Fire, picked up their first award since opening earlier this year. The Taos Chile Challenge, held at the Taos Country Club last weekend, had a “Battle of the Micro Breweries” event. Enchanted Circle took home the people’s choice award out of 10 breweries in attendance. Comanche Creek was second and Taos Mesa came in third. Hmm, looks like there could be a little friendly rivalry developing in Northern New Mexico.

Congrats to Enchanted Circle. We look forward to finally trying their beer at the upcoming New Mexico Brew Fest on Oct. 1.

Sampler tray

  • Palmer Brewery and Cider House will have a grand opening on Nov. 5. Brewer Rob Palmer said he hopes to have multiple beers on tap. Right now he has his MWA (Malt With Attitude), Pale Ale, and Guero (Belgian Wit) available. There is also a Scotch Ale aging in barrels in the back that should be ready.
  • The proliferation of Oktoberfest/Marzen beers around town continues, much to our collective delight. The most unique of the bunch is the Council Fire, a smoked marzen, at Bow & Arrow. Definitely worth trying just to see how different it is. The sweeter German malts and smoked elements work in wonderful balance.
  • For a more traditional version, try the Oktoberfest at Bosque (it is on tap at Nob Hill and will be shortly at the main brewery). Or, try the variations at Red Door or Tractor. Of course, picking up a six-pack of the Santa Fe classic variant is worth your time, too. Hey, in our humble opinion, Oktoberfest > Pumpkin Beer. It’s not even that close.
  • We have received confirmation that Bare Bones Brewing is the operation looking to move into Cedar Crest near Ale Republic. BBB has not applied for a state license yet, but it is under construction, according to its neighbors at the Greenside Cafe. Those folks will keep us updated on the project from what they see, while we keep refreshing the state website.

That is all from us this week. If you have any updates or news, please contact us via social media or at


— Stoutmeister

  1. Desert Chaos says:

    Sorry for Chili Line, but it’s part of their own making. We stopped in last weekend to try them out and while the whole “smoked” beer thing may be okay it’s just not something to base a whole brewery on, especially in a small market like Santa Fe. Maybe having a couple mixed with more traditional brews would have worked, and maybe the smoked stuff went well with the pizza (and I’d guess it may have), but as it was it just did not give a good varied brew experience and with better alternatives in the area it falls into that “failed experiment” area.

    • That’s what I was thinking as I was reading this. We stopped by there a couple months back after a trip to Meow Wolf and, while the beer was ok, nothing really stood out (compared to the likes of Second Street, Blue Corn, or the rest of the places out there). The servers new next to nothing about the beers–including the names. I just didn’t get a warm fuzzy about the place–not even a “with time, maybe they could get better and make their mark” feeling. Too bad; the food was decent, and having a line-up of house beer to go with should have been a winning combination.

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