NM Brewers Guild elects new board of directors

The Guild has a new four-person board of directors.
The Guild has a new four-person board of directors.

Lost amid all the recent hustle and bustle was an email from the New Mexico Brewers Guild that announced the results of the election for a new board of directors. Thankfully, someone in the Crew (Luke) was paying attention, and suggested we do a quick write-up.

Each of the four new board members was gracious enough to provide us with a sort of mission statement for their upcoming tenure, which begins in January.

Bert Boyce, brewmaster, Santa Fe Brewing

“Quality is what sets our industry’s products apart from the rest, and I’d like to be a technical resource to help all member breweries achieve their quality goals. I believe that a rising tide lifts all boats, and that the stronger our collective culture and quality, the healthier everyone’s businesses will be. I also believe that our industry’s representation in Santa Fe is at a critical point, and I hope to help provide a unified voice both with the general public and state legislature to ensure that our contributions to the state economy and culture are recognized, and not drowned out by the neo-prohibitionist noise currently growing.”

Jeff Erway, owner and master brewer, La Cumbre Brewing

“I have always believed in and benefited from the community of brewers here in New Mexico. I fought diligently to help further the education and goals of all brewers during my first tenure on the Board of Directors, and I look forward to continuing that work with this latest group of industry leaders.”

Anne O’Neill, co-owner, Sidetrack Brewing

“I would like to encourage and strengthen partnerships in the brewing community to promote education to the public as well as fostering communication among those in the craft brewing industry to support and maintain the overall quality of the NM brewing community.”

Jayson Wylie, head brewer, Taos Mesa Brewing

“Having learned a great deal from the people I will be sitting with on this board, I can tell you without reservation that I am thrilled to be here. At Taos Mesa Brewing, we hope to inspire as we have been inspired (by our sister New Mexico breweries), to uphold and promote the same rigorous standards that have resulted in our small state producing some of the nation’s finest craft beer … indeed, we are proud to live and work in “the frontier of beer” … a place of adventure, excitement and enchantment, a place primed for export by tourists and distributors alike. Along with you all, I personally look forward to promoting our mutual success.”

It is a critical time for the growing beer industry in New Mexico, with forces arrayed against that growth due to the need for short-term tax gains. The Crew wishes the new board all the luck in the world and we are here to support them in whatever need they see fit.

Oh, and have a Merry Christmas this weekend, everyone. Bust out at least one cellar beer and enjoy!


— Stoutmeister

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