Beer Polls: Pick the best of everything in 2016 — Part One

Choose the best beers you sampled, or downed entire pints/sixers/growlers of in 2016!
Choose the best beers you sampled, or downed entire pints/sixers/growlers of in 2016!

A short while ago Albuquerque The Magazine revealed a series of beer-related categories were included in its annual Best of the City awards. The results were both surprising and not-at-all surprising, a mix of awards being given out to the kind of places that readers of the fancy, ad-stuffed, glossy, upper-middle-class magazine would visit, plus the standard popular answers that have been given for years.

In other words, their readers are not exactly true beer geeks.

We are of the opinion that our readers are the most selective, educated beer lovers in the state. The degree of your craft beer love probably varies as much as what your palates prefer. Thus, with this being a very, very slow week for beer news, we elected to recreate a lot (but not all) of the magazine categories for you, the true beer geeks of Burque, to vote upon.

Each poll will be preceded by a short, explanatory paragraph on what we did (or did not) do differently than the magazine. In some cases it was just an issue of clarity, or brevity.

In a perfect world there would be 30 or so entries per category, representing every brewery in town, but that would clutter this up quite a bit. Thus, we had to come up with a top five-to-seven per category, which we did by voting ourselves to narrow down each category to something more readable and manageable. All the category winners from the magazine received an automatic bye into the matching poll categories.

To start off, we went with four specific style categories, with polls on another five style categories set to roll out Tuesday, and then six additional categories to come on Wednesday afternoon. Voting will remain open for one week after publication date. We will share all the results on Thursday, January 5.

The best malt-forward beers

Pick your favorite in each category. Leave comments as to why, if you so choose. And, of course, if your favorite does not appear, then yell at us about it. Take note, these are all house beers, meaning they are on tap year-round. There may have been great seasonal versions of these, but we want folks to choose from what is readily available.

Style: Red/Amber Ales
ABQ Mag winner: Marble Red
Changes we made: We are including amber ales, since only a few places have a house red

Style: Scotch/Scottish Ales
ABQ Mag winner: none, new category
Changes we made: We replaced the Best Sour category with this one, mainly due to the fact that no brewery in town keeps a sour on tap regularly, but also because this is a popular style that deserves its own poll.

Style: Pilsners
ABQ Mag winner: Bosque LagerChanges we made: none

Style: Stouts
ABQ Mag winner: Mustachio Milk Stout, Tractor
Changes we made: none

We will be back Tuesday with more polls. Vote away, comment away, tell us we are idiots (we are used to that), whatever you gotta do, do it.


— Stoutmeister

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