Dialogue and Immastar Productions team up to bring creatives together

Local artists, musicians, and vendors are joining forces for special events at Dialogue in September.

One of the great things our breweries have done over the last several years is embracing other local businesses and a long list of musicians, artists and other vendors. Usually, there is one creative element per night, but the folks at Dialogue Brewing and Immastar Productions decided that it would be even more advantageous to bring multiple creatives and businesses together all at once on specific nights.

Immastar’s Carlos Contreras, who used to handle all the events and promotions at Tractor, is the brains behind “Hand Crafted.” He sent us a release detailing the plans, which will start up September 7.

“Hand Crafted is exactly as it sounds — an experience put together ‘by hand,’ featuring incredibly delicious brewed beer by our host Dialogue Brewing, and featuring the sounds of a different musician each week, paired carefully and thoughtfully with a visual artist who will create/paint LIVE during the event,” Carlos wrote. “The live artist will be new each Thursday as well. This will all be going on while a local craft vendor slangs his or her wares to the crowd — here’s the catch, that vendor will be there all month. That’s right — every Thursday night.”

Dialogue gives these artists, musicians, and vendors a venue with a diverse crowd. Since Dialogue itself is one of the more innovative and experimental breweries out there, it all fits together perfectly.

“Dialogue Brewing and Immastar Productions are opening the doors to the possibility of a partnership that we think will help to create visibility and continual opportunities for success for our craft vending friends,” Carlos wrote. “Knowing where a food truck is per their schedule has lent to their sustainability and success, sometimes the opening up of brick and mortar and static locations that gained a following while on four wheels — why wouldn’t it work for our folks who create things you take and wear or put in your homes?”

The September schedule is already set for every Thursday. Danny Hart Designs will be the vendor on site for all four nights. The musicians and live artists will be as follows.

  • September 7: Musician — Garry Blackchild, Live Artist — David Santiago
  • September 14: Musician — Still Closed for Repairs (solo), Live Artist — Cloudface
  • September 21: Musician — Keith Sanchez, Live Artist — Chris Lopez
  • September 28: Musician — Cali Shaw, Live Artist — Stephanie Eichelberger

Look for more info as these events get closer to happening. As always, we are happy to see our breweries working to promote and support everything local.


— Stoutmeister

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