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A decade of beer is worth celebrating!

The 10th annual Hopfest kicks off Saturday afternoon at Isleta Casino, with 24 New Mexico breweries and the Dukes of Ale among those in attendance. Extra Hoppy Hour and VIP ticket holders can get in at 2 p.m., with general admission at 3 p.m. There are still tickets online and may be some left at the door, but play it safe and get them early.

In addition to the usual slate of live music and unlimited sampling, there will also be the New Mexico Brewers Guild’s educational pavilion. There are four sessions, starting with the Dukes of Ale’s Homebrew and Beer Styles Seminar at 2:30, followed by Craft King Consulting’s Sensory Analysis Seminar at 3:30, Marble and Whole Foods’ Beer & Food Pairings at 4:30, and finally a certain beer writer will be giving a talk about the history of brewing in Albuquerque at 5 p.m. (And, yes, if you still have not purchased a signed copy of Albuquerque Beer: Duke City History on Tap, those will be available for $20 cash at the Guild tent all day, unless I am wandering off to try a beer or two.)

Of course, the real reason anyone clicked on this article was to find out which local beers will be poured. These lists come from the official event program, in a few cases updated by the breweries for any last-minute changes.

  • Ale Republic: Zest of Life (Pale Ale), Strong Dark and Handsome (Belgian Dark), Parasol (Wheat)
  • Bathtub Row: Hoppenheimer IPA, Crazy Mother IPA
  • Bow & Arrow: Desert Dynamo IPL, Hoka Hey IPA, Hoodoo Monster Imperial Red, Jemez Field Notes Golden Lager
  • Canteen: Flashback IPA, Pecos Trail Brown, High Plains Pils
  • Cazuela’s: Agave (Wheat), 1853 Export Porter, Ladrillos Amber, Cojones Azules (Imperial Mexican Lager)
  • Chama River: Copper John Pale Ale, Jackalope IPA, Deuces (IPA), Ein Schnitt (German Pilsner)
  • De La Vega’s Pecan Grill: Pecan Beer, Hop N Wheat
  • Dialogue: Belgian Citrus IPA, #40 (Citra Pale Ale), Sour Pale Ale, Sour Raspberry
  • Drafty Kilt: Groundskeeper Willie Cream Ale, Campbell Toe IPA, Covfefe Hefe
  • Duel: Fiction (IPA), Duchamp (Sour Wit), Oui Lourd (Wee Heavy), Bad Amber, Whistler (Blonde)
  • Enchanted Circle: Nice Day IPA, Palisades Pilsner, Oktoberfest, Black Lake Vanilla Porter
  • Flix Brewhouse: So It Gose, Baby You’re Much Too Fast (Irish Red), Luna Rosa, Lupulus IPA, Brewhouse Shandy, Pilsner? I Barley Know’er!
  • Kellys: Amber, Session IPA, Peach
  • Lava Rock: Vanilla Nut Brown, American IPA, Hefeweizen
  • Marble: Double White, Maibock, Strawberry Gose, Wave On (India Rye Pale Lager), State Fair Pale Ale
  • Ponderosa: D.D.U. IPA, Blueberry Stout, Raspberry Saison, Crosscut Kolsch
  • Quarter Celtic: Pedro O’Flannigan’s, Crimson Lass, Bruce (Black IPA), Peach Berliner Weisse
  • Red Door: Trapdoor White Ale, Unhinged Cider, Dog Days Kolsch, Blackberry Hefeweizen, Roamer Red, Vanilla Cream Ale, White AF IPA
  • Rio Bravo: La Luz Lager, Pinon Coffee Porter, Snakebite IPA (all in cans); Cherry Wheat, Imperial Kolsch, Peach Gose, Lemongrass Wit (all on tap)
  • Rowley Farmhouse Ales: Agent Scully IPA (Season 1, Episode 3), One at a Time Pale Ale
  • Santa Fe: 7K IPA, Oktoberfest, Cucumber Saison, Secret Society of ALT
  • Sierra Blanca: Rio Grande IPA, Cherry Wheat, Alien Amber
  • The 377: IPA, Peach Wheat
  • Tractor: Ghost Ranch IPA, Tupac Cali Red, Grapefruit Tangerine Pale Ale, New Mexican Lager, Farmer’s Tan Red, Milk Mustachio Stout, Almanac IPA, Delicious Red Hard Apple Cider

As noted in the first paragraph, the Dukes of Ale will also have their booth, which always offers up some delicious homebrews. Make sure to show them support as well.

The beers on my personal list, mainly those I have never tried, include Bathtub Row’s Crazy Mother IPA, Bow & Arrow’s Hoodoo Monster, Cazuela’s 1853 Export Porter, Chama River’s Ein Schnitt, Duel’s Oui Lourd, Marble’s Wave On (a collaboration with Telluride Brewing), Ponderosa’s Blueberry Stout, Rowley Farmhouse Ales’ Agent Scully, and Santa Fe’s Secret Society of ALT. I may add others between now and then, but we shall see. Gotta keep those signings legible and avoid rambling too much through my presentation.

Got any questions about Hopfest? Drop us a line anytime. Otherwise, see you all Saturday afternoon.


— Stoutmeister

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