There will be no 5-peat for New Mexico at National IPA Challenge

It was not to be for a New Mexico brewery this year.

The National IPA Challenge hit the fast forward button and released the final results of the competition today (Monday). Sadly, the last New Mexico entry, Canteen’s Hop Baller, did not make it to the medal stand, ending a four-year run of local IPAs claiming the title.

Trickster’s Brewing’s JuiceBox IPA beat Hop Baller in the Bracket 3 championship qualifier, and then went on to take home the gold medal as the top IPA of 2018. Though the name may sound like it’s of the hazy New England-style, it is an old-fashioned West Coast-style hop bomb. Trickster’s is located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, so the next time you find yourself crossing the panhandle on Interstate 90, well, now you have a place to visit for a pint.

Barley Brown’s Hazer Beam IPA took silver and Karl Strauss’ Boat Shoes IPA claimed the bronze. Boat Shoes had forced Bosque’s Scale Tipper to walk the plank back in the fifth round.

Knee Deep Brewing’s Lupulin River took gold in the Imperial IPA bracket. Coronado’s Coastwise Session took the Session IPA championship, while El Segundo’s Cerveza Fresca Guava won the Specialty IPA championship.

The next major competition for New Mexico breweries is next month, as the biennial World Beer Cup returns at the Craft Brewers Conference, which will be held in Nashville.

— Stoutmeister

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  1. Mark Em says:

    Congratulations on my favorite IPA winning this year’s competition. I now have to go out and get some NM IPAs to see what Juice Box was up against! They sound great.

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