Examining the mysterious mysteries of some forthcoming breweries

Things are getting close to opening at Alamogordo’s first brewery in a long, long time. (Photo courtesy of 575 Brewing)

Greetings, all, Stoutmeister here with a random bit of randomness on a rainy, rather metal Friday afternoon. I have recently gotten some inquiries on some of the breweries now listed as having active small brewer licenses with the State of New Mexico, but are not yet open to the public. Here is everything we know up to this point.

575 Brewing, Alamogordo: This is the one brewery that seems to be getting close to opening, as the picture above shows, and the staff is doing a good job of keeping everything updated over on Facebook. We anticipate a December opening at 234 West 8th Street, at which point the Crew might need to find some time to drive south and visit a few other breweries in the area as well (Lost Hiker, Cloudcroft, T or C, etc.).

Boogie’s Brewery and Distillery, Deming: The only updates online suggest things are progressing at this combo facility that is opening over near the Deming airport. We know the same folks who did Mimbres Valley, which closed a while back, are behind this one, with the big differences being the location (previously right in the smack of town) and the distillery component. Hopefully we will learn more sooner than later.

Hausammann Brewhaus, Albuquerque: The former Grain Station at 2004 Central is being turned into a beer bar, and the owners assure us that they will have their own beers as well, about a week or two after opening. As for the exact opening date, well, we thought it was going to be last weekend, then this weekend, and now we are not very sure. We asked to come by and preview the place, but we were told they are not doing any media interviews at this time, which is totally their prerogative. 1933 Brewing in Rio Rancho asked us to wait a while before coming over. We are still waiting on that brewery, so hopefully Hausammann will not follow suit. Keep an eye on their Instagram feed to see if an opening date is ever officially posted.

Piedra Blanca Brewing, White Rock: This is just kind of a weird one, and we do not understand how it is going to work at all. Until the owners make some sort of explanatory announcement (they still have no social media presence, nor a website), we are gonna hold off on any sort of commentary.

As for all the pending licenses, here are the not-so-dirty dozen around the state, with a quick note attached, where applicable.

  1. 1865 Brewing, Santa Rosa
  2. B2B Garden Brewery, Albuquerque (they have advertised a job opening for a brewer)
  3. B3-BBQ Burgers & Beer, Las Vegas (they bought the old Duel brewhouse)
  4. Bandolero Brewery, Clovis
  5. Context Brewing, Albuquerque (we already wrote a preview)
  6. Hippo Milk, Albuquerque (connected to the 505 Central food hall project)
  7. Looking Glass Spirits and Long Lost Brewing, Albuquerque
  8. Mother Trail, Albuquerque (a joint project of Broken Trail and Mother Road Mobile Canning, which recently sold its mobile canning line to Red Door)
  9. The Nuckolls Brewing, Santa Fe
  10. Public House 28, Anthony
  11. Rail Brewery, Santa Fe
  12. Resource Brewing, Albuquerque

There are also pending taprooms for Bow & Arrow in Farmington, Boxing Bear on Tramway, Desert Valley on San Mateo, Drylands in Hobbs, Icebox in Las Cruces, Rail Brewery in Santa Fe, Roosevelt in Clovis, and The Valencia, owned by The 377 Brewery, in Los Lunas. The license is active for Truth or Consequences Brewing’s taproom in Las Cruces, but it has not yet opened.

Got any info on any of the places listed above? Drop us an email at nmdarksidebrewcrew@gmail.com.

Cheers to the weekend!

— Stoutmeister

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  1. Dresden Black says:

    According to this recent article – http://www.abqwestside.com/health-care-chicken-sandwiches-new-to-coors/ – that construction at Coors/St Joseph is another Chick-fil-A, so it seems work on Bosque’s new place isn’t underway just yet?

  2. Dave Hayes says:

    So you STILL haven’t found our website? C’mon – you aren’t looking very hard. http://www.piedrablancabrewing.com. We’re just waiting for Reid to want to write a little article about us. How about after Labor Day, Reid?

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