Our plan going forward in the age of the coronavirus

As long as the breweries are still open, the Crew will continue to write about all things craft beer.

As the breweries are still open for regular business during this pandemic, we will still continue to write and keep this site updated. After all, there is not much else to read about on the internet these days, is there?

Of course, we will have to be flexible, as we have all seen the situation rapidly evolve over the last 72 hours or so. There is still a chance that Governor Lujan-Grisham or Mayor Keller could shut down the brewing industry, along with just about everything else, so nobody should get too comfortable (this is our way of saying stock up on cans/bottles/crowlers/growlers of your favorite local brews while you still can).

In terms of in-person interviews and the like, those will be up to each of our individual writers and the beer industry folks. We may do more email and phone interviews, just in case. Our goal is still to keep everyone updated on what is happening with the scene, first and foremost. We hope that everyone continues to support our local breweries and their employees, many of whom are probably feeling very uneasy about their future income as this situation continues.

We will still be churning out the last of our Look Back/Look Ahead Series articles. Interviews have already been completed for Quarter Celtic and Toltec, so those should be popping up early next week. Beyond that, this could also be a time for a certain “beer historian” to share some tales from long ago in story format, and we may also be doing more reader-interactive stories and polls. We want to keep all of you informed, involved, and entertained.

As always, we are open to suggestions on what to write and where to focus our attention as these strange and complicated days continue. Most major brewery events, from the big anniversary parties to the smaller musical acts, have been postponed or outright canceled. We do not expect any big grand opening-style events for new breweries or taprooms, but there are several that have either quietly just opened or are still projected to do so in the next few weeks (barring any decisions to delay, which are of course still possible).

If you ever have any questions or concerns about the brewing industry, contact us directly and we will do our best to answer you, or relay the message to the appropriate breweries and their staff members.

Until then, stay safe, stay healthy, and support local if you still can. We will get through this together, because damn it, we can only go so long without sports and metal shows!

— Stoutmeister

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