The Crew zooms ahead with our first video beer review

Put three metalheads online with a beer and this is what you get. Proceed at your own peril!

Oh, the times are a changing, and with all of the Crew unable to really hang out together in person, we came up with a brilliant/terrible/questionable idea (we will let you all decide). For certain special-release beers during this time of social distancing, we are going to be doing reviews via Zoom and posting them on our YouTube page. Yeah, we have had one of those for years, but never really used it.

Our first review is of Czar of Aberdeen, the Baltic porter/Scotch wee heavy hybrid that we brewed in collaboration with Matt Meier at Red Door Brewing. Here is the YouTube link where you can see us in all our self-isolated glory.

We would love all the feedback you can muster, even if you think our palates are seriously flawed. Otherwise, this is just for fun, and a good way to keep all of us from going insane during these days of shelter-in-place.

Upcoming reviews will include Acclimated APA and Community Hazy DIPA from La Cumbre, Cerveza Oscura from Marble, and whatever else pops up along the line. If there are any suggestions from the masses and/or the breweries, we would appreciate those as well.

Just remember, whether we just kinda like a beer or love a beer, we just want everyone to have fun and keep supporting local, all while staying as safe as possible.


— Stoutmeister

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