Breweries offering promotions throughout the state during the pandemic

La Reforma is one of many breweries offering up specials on its to-go beer and food items. (Photo courtesy of La Reforma)

In these uncertain times, one thing is certain:  we are still thirsty. For social interaction, for a sense of community, and of course, for beer. Even in their darkest hour, many of the local breweries are responding by offering various promotions to help us, the consumers, get the libations we require while on a limited budget.

We scoured the internet and contacted breweries to find all of the most current discounts, promotions, and special offers, and put them all in one place. Below are all the current offerings that we are aware of for the time being. Please note, these may be subject to change, and if we missed any, please email us at

Ale Republic: 50% off pizza

B2B Bistronomy: 30% off burgers and beers (growler fills) from 4:30 to 8 p.m.

Bosque Brewing: $32 cases.  Spend $100 and get a $20 gift card, at all locations. Kegs are 10% off.

Boxing Bear: Lunch special – Includes pizza or a sandwich and two sodas for $10

UPDATED>>>Brew Lab 101: Club members get 20% off growler fills. 32-ounce PET growlers are $10 and $8 for members.

High and Dry: 10% off both growler fills and glass

Kaktus: Hair Growing Competition! Beards (for the guys) and leg hair (for the ladies). Whoever grows the longest hair by the end of the quarantine will receive $100 in growler fills or a 5.5-gallon keg.  Go to this site for instructions and to sign up.

Kilt Check: Growler Special – four fills for $40

La Cumbre: 20% off kegs, $2 off growlers

La Reforma: Taco Tuesday special — $2.50 carnitas, carne asada, and pollo asado takeout tacos, 11:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m. $7 Growler fill special. 10% off gift cards through the end of March. Use online code GIFTCARD10 or pick up in person.

UPDATED>>>Marble: Six-packs of 19.2-ounce Double White cans are $12 through Friday. Currently $1 off all six-pack styles (and an additional $1 off that for Brew Club members), $2 off all new glass growlers. With a purchase of a six-pack of the new Cerveza Oscura this Saturday, receive a ticket for a raffle for a custom Cerveza guitar. Winners will be announced Sunday. Also, all Marble merchandise is 20% off until April 15, with free shipping for online orders.

UPDATED>>>Nexus: Extra 25% off for all Nexus Neighbors. Growler fills are $9 and $11 for imperial-strength beers. You can bring in your own growlers, which will be sanitized.

Quarter Celtic: Spend $50, and get a $10 gift card. Or spend $100, and get a $20 gift card. Available at both locations.

Rio Bravo: 15% off cases or kegs

Steel Bender: 15% off case of mix and match cans

The 377: All-day breakfast burritos for $3.50, add $1 for smothered.

UPDATED>>>Tractor Wells Park: Get 50% off all IPA and pale ale growler fills (glass not included). You can also return old growlers for a $5 discount.

Santa Fe area breweries

Chili Line: $5 cans to-go ($1 off the typical pricing). They also have a 15% off coupon on their Facebook page, or located here.


— Maureen

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