Brewery Patio Bracket Round One: The South will rise again

Back in 2015, the Crew visited the new beer garden at Sierra Blanca for the first time. See a new photo below for the current look and cast a vote if you think it’s the best patio in the South and East region of New Mexico.

All right, as we detailed earlier this week, it is time for the opening round of our first brewery patio bracket challenge. This is all purely for fun, a way to celebrate our breweries and their efforts to maximize their patios during the current year.

Originally, we were going to start with the breweries in our North and East and North and West brackets, but we were informed one of those breweries was on the verge of opening a new and expanded patio, so we will wait until Monday. For now, we begin with the south.

So, a few points we want to make before you all get to the voting:

  • What makes a patio the best? That is entirely up to you. It can be the setup, the views, the size, the shade coverings, the staff on hand, or just the beer (and/or food) served there. There are no wrong answers or reasons, but if you want to leave a comment with the poll to tell us why a specific place is your favorite, please do so!
  • We ask that everyone vote for a maximum of four brewery patios per poll. If there is only one or two or three you want to vote for, that is just fine. We will narrow these initial lists of eight patios per region down to four, then two, then one will advance to the final rounds.
  • You are totally allowed to pick a place just based upon the photos we are providing (credit to each brewery for the photos that we did not have a good patio shot from, which is most of them), even if you have never been there. However, if you have friends or relatives that do not follow us, but live in one of these towns, please share the story links and let them have their say as well.

Polls for each region will be set up to last for one week worth of voting. If there is a tie for fourth place, we will either open it up to a tiebreaker poll, or the Crew will figure out a tiebreaker that is as fair as we can make it. The four highest vote totals per region will advance to the second round.

South and East Brewery Patios

Bonito Valley Brewing, Lincoln
Cloudcroft Brewing
Drylands Brewing, Lovington
Guadalupe Mountain Brewing, Carlsbad
Lost Hiker Brewing, Ruidoso
Milton’s Brewing, Carlsbad
Sierra Blanca Brewery, Moriarty

At this time, we do not have a photo of the patio at The Wellhead Brewpub in Artesia.

So which of the eight breweries in the eastern and southern portions of New Mexico has the best patio? You make the call, either from personal experience/visits or the photos above.

South and West Breweries

575 Brewing, Alamogordo

We do not currently have a photo of the patio at High Desert Brewing in Las Cruces.

Hub City Brewing, Belen

We do not currently have a photo of the patio at Icebox Brewing in Las Cruces.

Little Toad Creek Brewery & Distillery, Silver City
Picacho Peak Brewing, Las Cruces
Spotted Dog Brewery, Mesilla
Truth or Consequences Brewing

So which of the eight breweries in the western and southern portions of New Mexico has the best patio? You make the call, either from personal experience/visits or the photos above.

The first round has begun. Good luck to all the breweries and to all the beer drinkers.

Next up: Offsite Taprooms ABQ East and ABQ West.

Keep supporting local!

— Stoutmeister

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  1. Courtney McCarty says:

    575 has always had amazing customer service and feels like family. It has made being stationed at Holloman so much better. Thanks y’all!!

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