Harmon Lane continues to cater to its customers in a variety of ways

Harmon Lane Brewing never has a shortage of to-go beers to try. (Photos courtesy of Danny Harmon)

At the beginning of 2021, Danny Harmon, brewer/co-owner of Harmon Lane Brewing, reported that due to being “a very small brewery, in a unique location” it had been “a hard, slow grind to build some momentum.” We are happy to report that Harmon Lane has not only gained momentum and a solid base of regular patrons, but is looking forward to an even brighter 2022. We checked in with Danny again via email for an update on the growth and stabilization they’ve experienced this past year for our Look Back/Look Ahead Series.

“As far as big plans for the upcoming year … we are working on plans to better engage the homebrewing community,” Danny wrote. “We started our BOB Beer of the Month (“Brew Our Beer”). It’s a beer that I will come up with a recipe and put it on tap, and have the recipe sheet ready to go for people to try and brew that beer.

“They can brew it as is … or they can modify it and improve it however they see fit. We want to encourage creativity in brewing. And, who knows, maybe we will host a competition or two with those BOB beers.”

Aside from catering to the ever-increasing number of homebrewers, no longer having pandemic restrictions on occupancy expands the possibilities for activities in the Harmon Lane taproom and patio area, as well, which are part of the Southwest Grape and Grain store at 3401 Candelaria Rd NE.

“We are also looking at potentially hosting more events in the taproom, such as acoustic live music, a monthly trivia night, potentially some fitness classes in the classroom,” Danny wrote. “Hosting private events, meetings, or get-togethers, things like that. Also, improving the seating and decor on our patio, as well as in the classroom.”

Despite seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, pandemic hangover issues such as supply-chain backups are still causing disruptions and keeping breweries from being as productive as they’d like to be.

“The biggest challenge for us has been being patient with deliveries coming in,” Danny wrote. “This pandemic has affected everyone.

“It’s been important to be patient with our amazing delivery companies and suppliers, because although we want things now, we have to remember that everyone is working as hard and as fast as they can with the resources they have available to them. 

The small taproom has plenty of taps and TVs to keep you entertained.

As usual, our NM beer community has stepped up and supported to make sure Harmon Lane stays on the list of brews who successfully make it through.

“The food trucks and amazing people we get to work with have been a highlight,” Danny wrote. “We are very lucky that we have a few food trucks that not only make amazing food and are willing to come and serve our customers, but they are even better people and great to work with.

“Tantrum BBQ, Zia Bros Pizza, Wing it up, and Steam Q BBQ are amazing people and we are lucky to call them friends.”

Harmon Lane has received some impressive recognition for their hard work this year, which makes those difficulties all the more worth it. 

“Being voted Albuquerque The Magazine top five Best of City in three categories was a huge honor, and we appreciate everyone who voted for us and supports our small little brewery and taproom,” Danny wrote.

Harmon Lane’s Tin Cup Stout also earned the third place slot in this year’s Dark Side Brew Crew Stout Challenge. It was no easy feat considering this year we sampled and judged 23 different NM stouts, yes, all in one night.

Harmon Lane has weathered the storm and come out stronger and even more motivated on the other side. Be sure to head that way to try their brews onsite, grab some package to-go, or even take home the supplies to try your hand at brewing their beer yourself!

May the beer be with you, always. 

— Erin

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