Ex Novo brings the brewing community together for a new collaboration festival

Head on out to The Corral this weekend for the first phase of a new beer festival coming in May.

Ex Novo Brewing will host the first stage of a new festival this Sunday at 1 p.m., one that promises to be rather unique for New Mexico.

United in Beer is in partnership with the Somos Unidos Foundation, the charitable arm of New Mexico United, with whom the brewery already has a working relationship.

The first stage will be a sort of draft, with 26 participating New Mexico breweries divided into two categories by production size. They will be paired up to create a collaboration beer for the festival, with Ex Novo staff members having selected 20 different style categories. Once the breweries are paired up, they will be able to talk for a bit about what they want to make, and then they will select a style off the board. Once that style is selected, another brewery cannot choose it.

The draft will be free for the public to attend on Sunday. New Mexico United will be on hand doing a live podcast, and everything will also be shown live on Ex Novo’s Facebook and Instagram pages, for those who cannot make it out to Corrales.

The primary festival will be held on May 13. Tickets for that will go on sale at noon on April 13, right before New Mexico United’s home opener on April 15. For anyone wanting to attend, we highly, HIGHLY recommend that you get on the website right away (we will share the link when it becomes available).

Here is the full list of participating breweries, with the big ones first, and the smaller ones second.

  • Santa Fe Brewing
  • Marble Brewery
  • Bosque Brewing
  • Ex Novo Brewing
  • Second Street Brewery
  • Steel Bender Brewyard
  • Canteen Brewhouse
  • Rio Bravo Brewing
  • Turtle Mountain Brewing
  • Icebox Brewing
  • Flix Brewhouse
  • Taos Mesa Brewing
  • Quarter Celtic Brewpub
  • Bathtub Row Brewing
  • Red River Brewing
  • Truth or Consequences Brewing
  • Rowley Farmhouse Ales
  • La Reforma
  • Brew Lab 101
  • Sidetrack Brewing
  • Gravity Bound Brewing
  • Palmer Brewery
  • Lava Rock Brewing
  • Late Shift Lager House
  • Harmon Lane Brewery
  • Casa Vieja

Presumably, the big breweries will host the brew days, but that will be up to the duos once they are paired up at the draft.

As more details become available, we will share them here and on social media, and then we will see many of you at The Corral on May 13.

Keep supporting local!

— Stoutmeister

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