United in Beer set to bring the local beer community together at Ex Novo

The Corral at Ex Novo will host a new collaborative beer festival this Saturday.

One of the most unique and anticipated festivals of the year is almost upon us, as United in Beer will take over The Corral at Ex Novo this Saturday from noon to 7 p.m.

As of publication, there are still a limited number of tickets available online. As we caught up with Ex Novo’s Stevo Jeter to go over the final details, he did add that it is highly unlikely that there will be any tickets left at the door Saturday.

“We are giving away five golden coins,” he said, offering an added incentive to grabbing one of those last tickets. “We’re throwing those into the pouches. With your ticket you get your glassware, you get a really cool United in Beer pouch that your tokens will be inside, along with five lucky people who get a golden coin. That gives them $1 off their pints for the rest of the year, or a free 5-ounce pour when they come in.”

That is certainly a gift that keeps on giving. As for Saturday’s other pertinent details, Jeter went over those with us, point by point.

“Doors (open) right at noon,” he said. “Breweries are going to be bringing in beer a day or two ahead of time, so we’l have that set up. Obviously, The Corral is closed to the public. You have to have a ticket to get in. It’s a 21-and-over event.”

The physical layout will be similar to last year’s Lagerhosen, where there will be five or six jockey boxes plus the taps at The Corral’s bar. There will only be the 14 festival beers available.

“The tickets get you your eight 4-ounce pour tokens,” Jeter said. “You can buy eight more at the stand.”

Ex Novo will also be selling two soccer-style jerseys exclusively at the event. The proceeds from those and the tickets will benefit the Somos Unidos Foundation, the charitable arm of event partner New Mexico United (which, it should be noted, has a game that day at 7 p.m. at Isotopes Park, so yes, you can do both the fest and the match).

While standing around and sampling beers is fun, it won’t hurt that Ex Novo is also busting out some games, including two competitive tournaments.

“Sign ups for those will happen once people are inside, and not before,” Jeter said. “You have to be there first, buy a ticket. Cornhole tournament sign-up begins at 1 p.m., tournament begins at 2 p.m., championship match is at 4 p.m. Same with the beer pong tournament, so if you’re hoping to do both, either suck at one and get knocked out early. Flip cup is happening all day, and it’s just kind of a fun, open to everybody (event), not really a tournament.”

Rio Tacos and Papa Cano’s Pizza will be on hand to make sure everyone is well fed during the event.

As for the beers, there will be 14 total collaborations, as Ex Novo and Bathtub Row decided to make two different styles. Here are the paired breweries and the general styles that they brewed. The specifics of each recipe will be revealed Saturday.

  • Bathtub Row Brewing and Ex Novo Brewing: Porter/Stout
  • Bathtub Row Brewing and Ex Novo Brewing: West Coast IPA
  • Bosque Brewing and Sobremesa Restaurant and Brewery: SMASH (Single-Malt and Single-Hop) Pale Ale or IPA
  • Brew Lab 101 and Icebox Brewing: Classic North American Lager
  • Canteen Brewhouse and Red River Brewing: Dark Lager
  • Casa Vieja Brewery and Flix Brewhouse: Hazy IPA
  • Harmon Lane Brewing and Turtle Mountain Brewing: Pilsner
  • La Reforma Brewery and Taos Mesa Brewing: Red Beer
  • Late Shift Lager House and Marble Brewery: Belgian
  • Lava Rock Brewing and Second Street Brewery: Experimental IPA
  • Palmer Brewery and Quarter Celtic Brewpub: Pilsner
  • Rio Bravo Brewing and Truth or Consequences Brewing: Hoppy Lager
  • Rowley Farmhouse Ales and Steel Bender Brewyard: Fruited Wheat
  • Santa Fe Brewing and Sidetrack Brewing: Dark Lager

“It was pretty magical to see so many breweries not only excited, but jumping up with a what can I do mentality,” Jeter said. “Talking to a lot of the different breweries, the beer is ready to go, and everybody is really antsy. There are some really good beers that will be pouring.

“Last year for Lagerhosen we had to call for volunteers from the public, but this year it’s the opposite. So many participating breweries had volunteers, their staff, wanting to pour, wanting to be here. We didn’t have to ask for volunteers, we already had so many.”

Now that sounds like a wonderful example of the spirit of true collaboration.

Get your tickets if you have not already, don’t forget the sunscreen, and we will see you at The Corral this Saturday.

Somos Unidos!

— Stoutmeister

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