It’s not a Crime to like Stone’s new offering

Posted: February 14, 2014 by cjax33 in Beer-to-go, Out-of-Town Brews

Franz Solo wrote up a post on this beer, but WordPress was being “difficult,” so I am posting it for him. — Stoutmeister

For my 500th distinct beer on Untappd, my key to ‘Legendary’ status, I chose Crime from Stone Brewing. This is not a beer for the meek, akin rather to Ruinten with its ‘stage dive into a mosh pit of hops’, we have here the spiciest, most devilish and heavenly concoction of a chile beer that I’ve ever had.

Stone's Crime is the best spicy beer Franz Solo has ever had.

Stone’s Crime is the best spicy beer Franz Solo has ever had.

From the moment you pop the cork, you get a blast of peppers. My eyes burned just a bit from that initial wafting. If you know your chile peppers you can tell from the get-go that in nose alone this one has several varieties layered together. It’s a very ‘green’ and earthy aroma, which does match the flavor of the fiery monster of a beer quite well. In taste you get a blast of spice on the front tip of your tongue. Mid-palate you get lots of different peppery flavors and then back end is just a wonderful sweet burning of lots of Capstatian from a multitude of sources. In a word, outstanding.

Mouthfeel is, what else, spicy as hell. Truly a beer for the bold and the brave. It sweetens even more from the peppers on subsequent tastes, but is well balanced with monster hops peeking through at the very end. I’m in love with spice that hits like good curry, and good red and green chile gets the endorphins pumping. I feel like I’m floating, which only happens when the spice hits a high mark without being overpowering. It’s like eating the best salsa — your mouth is on fire but you must have one more chip.

Five out of five, Stone. This was the best damn spicy beer I’ve ever had.

On a final note, I’ve got the matching Punishment beer, which I’ll be enjoying and reviewing soon.


— Franz Solo

  1. Nathan Stimson says:

    Awesome. Hope to try it soon!

  2. Tim says:

    I tried to like this beer with everything I have but it just didn’t work for me. I love spicy food that makes my eyes and nose run and leaves me sucking air through my mouth to try and cool the flames. However this beer hit my palate with a single note, spicy, and nothing else. The spiciness completely overwhelmed everything. The best chilis have a subtle complexity of smoky earthiness which for me was lacking in this beer. I felt like I could alternate bites of habanero with gulps Newcastle and achieve the same effect. This just wasn’t a beer for me.

    • cjax33 says:

      Yeah, there’s a reason we let Franz Solo be the guinea pig with that beer. I’m the most Anglo-Saxon of the group, I can’t do anything spicy.
      It’s an acquired taste, I suppose. I’ll stick with my stouts and porters and reds and browns and barley wines and … yeah, still plenty of beers to go around.

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