ABQ Beer Week Review: Reaching new heights in the Northeast

Posted: May 25, 2014 by cjax33 in ABQ Beer Week 2014
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Stoutmeister here with another correspondent piece, this time from our good friend Adam Auden. He checked out two events that the rest of us missed out on for various reasons.

ABQ Beer Week, Northeast Edition

Friday of my first ABQ Beer Week saw a couple of events in my neck of the woods. Convenient and delicious, how could I refuse?

Oskar Blues' finest beers shined at Horse & Angel Tavern.

Oskar Blues’ finest beers shined at Horse & Angel Tavern.

Oskar Blues @ Horse & Angel

First up at the Horse & Angel Tavern we had Oskar Blues bringing some swag and special pours.

I began with a pint of Dale’s Pale which paired well with the fish and chips that had been recommended to me.

Of greater note was the Fat Slim. This was the Colorado-brewed version of the OB/La Cumbre collab (you may have had the locally brewed version around Winter Brew time named Full Pint). This proved to be a well-balanced, sessionable IPA. Dry, biscuity malts, fragrant but not fruity hops, very spritzy and fresh, I will have to seek it out again whilst it’s in town.

I finished up with a pint of the Old Chub on Nitro. I had commented on Twitter the other day about the range of beer styles getting put under nitro and whether they were really a good fit for it. Old Chub definitively is. Creamy, malty, smooth, like drinking a soft malt loaf in a glass. I need to try this next to the regular Chub, but I think the nitro wins for me on this one.

Also on tap was The Gubna, an Imperial IPA. I didn’t have chance to try it, but it seemed to be met with enthusiasm by the various ABQ Craft Beer Drinkers meetup members I was hanging with. I will have to swing by before they kick that keg.

Thanks to Silas at National and Victor at Oskar Blues for bringing the tasty, and Monica for bringing the Drinkers!

New Belgium had a long list of beers available for people to sample at Gecko's on Academy.

New Belgium had a long list of beers available for people to sample at Gecko’s on Academy.

New Belgium @ Gecko’s Academy

(“I’ll have the Lips of Faith please. — Which one? — Oh!”)

My second stop of the night in the hope of finding some La Folie (sadly, not to be) was Gecko’s Bar & Tapas on Academy.

Whilst waiting on his chicken wings, my fellow adventurer in beer opted for the Gruit, a spicy saison-esque beer flavored with what appeared to be whatever was growing in the meadow behind the brewery at the time. Appearances aside, it was very tasty!

I selected the Paardebloem, a much stronger take on the same style. Fresh, floral, with a little funk from the yeast, a little sour from the wood, and really quite drinkable. Where they are hiding the 9-percent alcohol I have no idea; it was dangerously easy drinking.

I finished off with the Cascara Quad. It’s an interesting beer with lots happening. Big, malty quad at the base, flavored with coffee cherries giving subtle coffee hints and more fruit, almost wine, flavors, finished with enough hops to avoid it being cloying. Not a beer for everyone, but packed with flavors which the brewers managed to wrestle into cooperating with each other, most impressively.

A top night, especially for not having to tangle with Downtown or Nob Hill. Great beers, conveniently located? More of this sort of thing!


— Adam A

  1. adamauden says:

    And I should say thanks to @NMBeerlovers for use of their photos!

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