The Week Ahead in Beer is on hiatus

Posted: June 25, 2014 by cjax33 in The Week Ahead in Beer

Greetings, New Mexico craft beer lovers, Stoutmeister here with the news you probably did not want to read. This column is going on hiatus for the foreseeable future. Brandon and I had tried to divide this thing up into State and Metro editions, but even that did not help us. First, time was short for both of us. I’ve been working on features and the like, consuming most of my available time. Brandon is in the process of changing jobs, cutting short his time.

On top of that, only two breweries (Blue Corn and Second Street) responded to my email for the State Edition. Without the breweries helping us out (only High Desert and Taos Mesa regularly update their online listings for breweries outside of the ABQ area), it seems somewhat futile to do a full state edition. I don’t want to necessarily abandon doing listings for places outside the metro area, but without their participation, it seems a little silly to just re-run outdated listings week after week.

Stoutmeister, right, will be handling the State Edition of this column, while Brandon, left, will handle the Metro Edition.

Brandon and Stoutmeister discovered doing The Week Ahead in Beer, even split into two editions, is almost impossible.

If anyone out there has some serious skills with a WordPress website, we could use your help revamping our site. We’re collectively poor, but we could probably pool together some money for your time and efforts. Just let us know what your rates are and we’ll try to work it out. I think if we just turn the bulk of this column into a regular listing on our site (a sidebar, basically), it might make things easier. Then we can just do a short feature highlighting the week’s major event(s) involving beer and maybe some quick notes on the newest beers on tap. That might make life a lot easier for busy brewery staffers and busy beer writers.

We will still have some additional beer news coming your way this week. As I teased with a photo last week, I did get to go behind the scenes at Boxing Bear Brewing Co. on the west side. After that I trekked (much) further west to Flagstaff for a quick tour of that city’s six breweries. It’s a nice getaway within easy (four hours) driving distance of ABQ, so I’ll provide summer travelers with a quick guide to the best places to get a fresh pint of beer.

Hopefully we will have some form of The Week Ahead in Beer next week. Until then, enjoy the rest of your week and good luck to Team USA against Germany. Stupid last-second Portuguese equalizer …


— Stoutmeister


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