Greetings, New Mexico craft beer lovers. Stoutmeister here with the second half of the now-divided Week Ahead in Beer. This edition covers all the breweries outside of Bernalillo and Sandoval Counties. From Taos to Santa Fe to Farmington to Las Vegas in the north, to Portales, Artesia, Silver City, and Las Cruces in the south, this edition will keep you up to date every week with as many breweries as we can reach. I’ll be handling both editions for now.

Is this the end of the road for the State Edition?

Is this the end of the road for the State Edition?

This may be the last appearance of the State Edition. Since I took over from E-Rock and split The Week Ahead in Beer into two parts, this edition has been far more difficult to update. I send thanks to the Santa Fe breweries, from Blue Corn to Duel to SFBC to Second Street, as they have consistently responded to our weekly email and kept everyone up to date. So worry not, Santa Fe breweries, you will just be folded into the Metro Edition (which would thus just go back to being a single TWAIB). Since calling is expensive and time-consuming, I’ve been using email just as E-Rock did. We only have emails for 11 of the breweries listed here, though a few of those who do not have email tend to update their beer lists semi-regularly on their websites (notably High Desert and Three Rivers). Places like The Wellhead and Roosevelt have never given us means to contact them. And since I created the State Edition I’ve heard back maybe twice from Taos Ale House, once each from Comanche Creek and Taos Mesa, and never from Blue Heron, Eske’s, Little Toad Creek, and NM Craft Brewing. It’s just gotten to the point of where I ask, what is the point?

In the end, though, this is not about me or the Crew, it’s about you, our readers. If you want to see us continue two editions of TWAIB, sound off. If you live or routinely visit some of these other towns in New Mexico outside of ABQ and Santa Fe, please help us out by encouraging your local breweries to make contact with us. We compile these lists to help craft beer lovers across the state have one easy place to go to learn all they need to about what’s on tap. It’s basically a free service that we’re providing to help the breweries.

We did not receive news of any new beers on tap this week anywhere in the state, save for Santa Fe Brewing’s Small Batch Saturday beer is Carne’s Rugby Red.

To further help people organize any brewing adventures, rather than list the breweries alphabetically here as we do in the Metro Edition, they’re grouped by geographic region: Northwest (Farmington), Santa Fe area, Taos area, Northeast (Las Vegas), East (Portales), Southeast (Artesia), Southwest (Las Cruces, Silver City).

Continue reading for all the news that is fit to blog for the week of Sept. 1.

To break down each “capsule,” I listed the brewery (with Web page linked), its phone number and hours of operation. Under “Beers” are the new or seasonal beers on tap for this week.

Santa Fe breweries

Blue Corn Brewery — (505) 438-1800

(Daily 11 a.m.–10 p.m.)

Beers: Berliner Weiss, Funkadelic Dunkel, Night Train (Schwarzbier), Scorched (smoked olde ale). The most recent German-style beer addition is the Night Train (5% ABV, 32 IBU), a darker lager made with two types of German malts and noble hops. The Funkadelic (5.8% ABV, 30 IBU) is a Bavarian-style brown ale, with Crystal hops added to balance the big malt bill. Scorched debuted last week.

News: In the works is an imperial red wet hop beer using 50 pounds (!) of Chinook hops from Colorado.

Duel Brewing Company — (505) 474-5301

(Sun 11 a.m.–8 p.m., Mon–Tues 11 a.m.–10 p.m., Wed–Sat 11 a.m.–midnight)

Beers: Study Series: Brown (Belgian-style Sour Brown Ale), Bad Amber, Fiction (IPA), Synne (Pale Ale), Fantin (Double Pale Ale), Grunewald (Imperial Porter), Marcel (Witbier), Whistler (Blonde). Duel brewer Todd Yocham described the latest Study Series entry (5% ABV) like this, “A very malt forward light bodied brown ale, soured with Lactobacillus and accentuated by the fruity esters from our Trappist yeast.” The Fantin (7.5% ABV), which I tried and liked at Pajarito Summerfest, gets this summary, “Aromas of strawberry and pineapple accentuated by our Trappist yeast will keep you wanting more.”

Events: The life drawing session is $25 and is held each Sunday morning from 11-1 (although they are not open to the drinking public till 1 p.m. on Sun). You get the beverage of your choice, a Brussels-style waffle made with their own yeast and beer and then served with a Grunewald Syrup. Everyone then draws from a nude model. People can sign up through the website or call the brewery to reserve a spot.

Santa Fe Brewing Company — (505) 424-3333

(Mon–Sat 11 a.m.–10 p.m., closed on Sunday)

Beers: Oktoberfest, Carne’s Rugby Red. The Carne’s Rugby Red is this week’s entry for Small Batch Saturday. Production of Freestyle Pilsner has ended for the year, so go grab a sixer while they are still available. Kriek, SFBC’s popular sour, is not on tap, but it is available in bombers around the state.

Events: $1 Off Growler Refills in the Tasting Room on Mondays. $2 Tuesdays at the Eldorado Taphouse. On Wednesday, there is a $2 Pint Special in the SFBC Tasting Room, and the Sangre de Cristo Craft Brewers’ Meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. at the Tasting Room as well on the third Wednesday of every month. On Thursday, there will be $1 Off Growler Refills at the Eldorado Taphouse.

News: SFBC will be providing beer at the Fall Gold Sale at Ski Santa Fe on Saturday. SFBC will also be in Durango for the Ska Anniversary Party. We’re kinda jealous of that.

Second Street Brewery — (505) 989-3278 (Railyard), (505) 982-3030 (original location)

(Mon–Thurs 11 a.m.–10 p.m., Fri–Sat 11 a.m.–11 p.m., Sunday noon-9 p.m.)

Beers: Kolsch, IPA, ESB, Boneshaker Bitter, Cream Stout, Railrunner Pale Ale, Railyard Red, Rod’s Best Bitter, Pajarito Pale Ale, Steam Bitter. The German Pilsner and Triskelion Amber have run out, so a trio of old favorites are back in the Rod’s Best Bitter, Pajarito Pale Ale, and Steam Bitter, which won a gold medal at GABF last year.

Events: SSB Thursday’s Patio series will feature Paw Cole and the Clinkers all month long. Lil Tones is playing Friday, followed by Pollo Frito on Saturday. There is never a cover. Shows at the Railyard include Mushi Trio on Friday and Acadian Drifters on Saturday, and Hot Honey with Sunday brunch all month long.

Every Wednesday night, both SSB locations host Game Night. SSB has game boards and dominoes or bring your own … oh yeah, they also have discounted pitchers!

Taos-area breweries

Blue Heron Brewery — (505) 579-9188 (original location), (505) 747-4506 (Espanola taproom)

(Original location: Sun-Tues noon–6 p.m., Wed-Sat 10 a.m.–8 p.m.)

(Espanola taproom, 100 Los Alamos Hwy: Wes-Thurs 11 a.m.–9 p.m., Fri-Sat 11 a.m.–10 p.m., Sun 11 a.m.–8 p.m., happy hour Weds-Fri 4 p.m.–6 p.m.)

Beers: Embudo Gold Golden Ale, Lava Rock Pale Ale, Tarantula Trek Red Ale, Ladybug IPA, Prieta Real Imperial Stout. The Ladybug and Embudo were the most recent additions to the lineup when we visited Blue Heron recently. The Ladybug offers up a unique mix of varied hops that produce a beer that tends to be sweeter and mellower than what we normally think of with IPAs. Blue Heron also has many of its beers for sale in bombers, including longtime Crew favorite La Llorona Scottish Ale.

News: Blue Heron’s new taproom in Espanola is now open for business. Stop by on your next time up north and check out all they have to offer.

Comanche Creek Brewing Company — (575) 377-2337

(Wed-Sat noon–6 p.m.)

Beers: Scully Mountain IPA, Deadman Pale Ale, Homestead Amber Ale, Iron Mountain Porter, Belgian Blond. Homestead Amber Ale was on hand when E-Rock and I visited Comanche Creek in 2012. The Homestead is often bottled and served at establishments in the Eagle Nest/Angel Fire area. We also had the Iron Man back then. It’s a burly beer worthy of Tony Stark.

News: Comanche Creek is expanding their brewing operations to the benefit of all.

Eske’s Brew Pub — (575) 758-1517

(Mon–Thurs 4 p.m.–10 p.m., Fri–Sun noon-10 p.m.)

Beers: Taos Green Chile Beer, The Chemist (Gluten-free), Blonde Betty, Artist Ale (English bitter), Millennium IPA, Red-Handed Ale, Naked Ape (Fruit beer). Thanks to reader 8BitHitman, we have an updated beer list for Eske’s at last. After initially going “huh?” on a few of these beers, 8BitHitman wrote us back to fill us in. The Chemist is Eske’s popular gluten-free beer. The Artist Ale is an English bitter and was his choice as the best of the bunch. The Naked Ape is a fruit beer, with peach/apricot characteristics.

Taos Ale House — (575) 758-5522

(Mon–Fri 4 p.m.-10 p.m., Sat noon-10 p.m., Sunday noon-8 p.m.)

Beers: Mosaic Lollipop Pale Ale, Mogul Imperial IPA, Simple Porter. We haven’t gotten an update from TAH in a while, so we don’t know if these are still the beers on tap or if something else has joined or replaced them. If anyone is in Taos over the Labor Day weekend, stop in and let us know what they’ve got. Also, grab a burger and a pint, it’s worth it. TAH also has a few guest beers on tap as well.

News: Taos Ale House recently partnered with The Burger Stand out of Lawrence and Topeka, Kan., to bring you the best burgers and fries you’ll ever eat. The Burger Stand is now open and is already booming with business.

Taos Mesa Brewing — (575) 758-1900

(Daily 11 a.m. – close)

Beers: Amarillo Rojo, Great Scot Scottish, Fall Down Brown, Superstitious Stout, Kolsch 45, 3 Peaks IPA. We were big fans of the Kolsch 45, and the Superstitious Stout was pretty good as well, even for the hot summer. There are also multiple guest taps, including one rotating tap called the “NM Brewers Guild” tap, featuring random beers from all over the state.

News: There’s “a high gravity surprise” coming for us all in late October/early November.

Northeast breweries

New Mexico Craft Brewing Co. — (505) 426-6079 (brewery), (203) 521-7908 (pub)

(Sun–Thurs 11 a.m.–10 p.m., Fri–Sat 11 a.m.–midnight)

Beers: Oatmeal Stout, Kolsch, Dry-hopped Pale Ale, Cider, Red. Business has been nuts over at NMCBC, so beers are changing out rapidly on tap. This is the most recent listing for the Old Town Draft House via their Facebook page.

News: NMCBC’s new pub, The Old Town Draft House in Las Vegas, is open for business. They have 10 NMCBC taps and some cider. At least for a while, their hours are high noon until close, seven days a week.

Northwest breweries

Three Rivers Brewery — (505) 325-6605

Beers: India Pale Ale, Sandstone Wheat, SHIPA – Citra, Papa Bear’s Golden Honey Ale, Red Mountain Wheat, Red Apple Flyer Cider, Orchard Street Raspberry Wheat, King Colona, Longshot Light, 3 Rivers Scottish Ale, Arroyo Amber Ale, Thode’s Fat Dog Stuck in the Door Stout. The lineup at Three Rivers has two recent additions in the SHIPA – Citra (6.5% ABV) and the Sandstone Wheat (4.7% ABV), a Bavarian-style hefeweizen that’s back after only a brief absence. The SHIPA is a Single-Hop IPA made with, you guessed it, Citra. The Orchard Street Raspberry Wheat (4.5% ABV) is made with fresh raspberries. The King Colona (9.5%) is the imperial version of the NM Colona. The rather awesomely named Thode’s Fat Dog Stuck in the Door Stout (5.4% ABV) is the darkest beer on tap. It was named in honor of Jim Thode, a friend of the brewery who died while serving in Afghanistan in 2010. The Arroyo Amber Ale (5.0% ABV) is the local favorite. It is copper-red in color, medium bodied, and is brewed with caramel malt with a nice hop balance.

Eastern breweries

Roosevelt Brewing — (575) 226-2739

(Sun 11 a.m.–9 p.m., Mon closed, Tues–Thurs 11 a.m.–9 p.m., Fri–Sat 11 a.m.–10 p.m.)

Beers: Eleanor’s Blonde Ale (5.5% ABV, 21 IBU), Portales Pale Ale (5.5% ABV, 45 IBU), Clovis Point IPA (6.1% ABV, 69 IBU), Dirt Town Brown Ale (4.0% ABV, 23 IBU), Happy Heifer Hefeweizen (4.9% ABV, 17 IBU), Big Stick Stout (10% ABV, 75 IBU), Black Water Draught Porter (8.5% ABV, 30 IBU), Green Chile Lager (5% ABV, 18 IBU), Wild Cherry Stout (4% ABV, 15 IBU), Roosevelt Golden Lager (4.8% ABV, 21 IBU), Wagon Wheel Wheat (4% ABV, 15 IBU). Roosevelt Brewing is located at 201 S. Main Street in Portales. Our own Porter Pounder stopped by while working on a film crew that was shooting in Portales and reviewed several of Roosevelt’s beers.

Events: Wednesday night is Open Mic Night at Roosevelt Brewing.

Southeast breweries

Desert Water Brewing — (888) 959-9342

(Tues-Sat noon-9 p.m.)

Beers: George Lite, Hard Cider, Porter, Pilsner. Desert Water, located at 1 E. Cottonwood Road in Artesia, brews in small batches, so the lineup is constantly changing. They sell the beer in 4-ounce samples ($1, $2 for cider) or 12-ounce glasses ($3.50 beer, $5 cider). You can also purchase the beer in growlers.

News: The Pilsner should be on tap this weekend. The Pale Ale is still fermenting.

The Wellhead — (575) 746-0640

Beers: Cisco Canyon Blonde, Indian Basin Wheat, Wellhead Pale Ale, Crude Oil Stout, Roughneck Red, Wildcat IPA. Brew Crew Bullpen member Amy O visited The Wellhead recently and snapped a photo of their beer board. Her review of Artesia’s original brewery just ran on our site. The Wildcat IPA (7% ABV) is the biggest beer in the lineup, though personally I’d love to try the Crude Oil Stout (4.7% ABV) one of these days.

Southwest breweries

High Desert Brewing Company — (575) 525-6752

(Mon–Sat 11 a.m.–midnight, Sun noon-10 p.m.)

Beers: Wheat Ale, Peach Wheat, Hefeweizen, Bohemian Pilsner, Octoberfest, IPA, Black IPA, Amber Ale, Steam Beer, Stout, Barley Wine. The most recent lineup shuffled had the Hefeweizen, Black IPA, Amber, and Stout replace the Kolsch, ESB, Anniversary IPA, and Brown. Porter Pounder and I recently had a chance to visit HDBC. He went with the Barley Wine, while since I had to drive on to ABQ that day, I went with the Pilsner. We enjoyed both of these beers from opposite ends of the ABV spectrum. High Desert Brewing Company is located at 1201 W. Hadley Ave. in Las Cruces.

Little Toad Creek Brewery & Distillery — (575) 956-6144

(Open Wednesday through Monday (closed Tuesday) from 11 a.m.-11 p.m., staying open late on Friday/Saturday.)

Beers: Helles Lager, IPA, Amber Ale, Robust Porter, Oatmeal Stout. These are all beers in the regular rotation. I will add seasonal brews as I learn about them. I got to try the Amber and Porter at SummerFest. Both hit all the right notes for their respective styles. LTC’s beers are getting better and better.

* * * *

That’s all for this week! If you have any questions or comments, leave them below or contact us on our Facebook page.


— Stoutmeister

  1. Sean says:

    Keep pushing them, the competition is hot in NM. New Mexico’s breweries I believe have and can continue to set the craft standard across the nation. We have great people here exercising their true craft abilities. We are all benifercies of this. Proud to have this on my backyard.

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