Be one of the “300” in Los Alamos

Okay, the “300” we’re referring to aren’t those ol’ Greeks with their ripped abs and crazy blood-lust.  These “300” are you, gentle readers, with keg-abs and wacky beer-lust! The Los Alamos Beer Co-op (LABC) is making its final push to recruit members and get the funds necessary to open up their brewery and taproom.

Be one of the 300!
Be one of the 300!

Much progress has been made this year, with the purchase of a brewing system from Bosque Brewing in Albuquerque and the rental and renovating of a retail space in downtown Los Alamos. A few more hurdles remain, however; little things, like hiring a brewer and staff, completing the renovations, etc. This is where you come in. By purchasing a membership (lifetime or one-year) or investing in a member loan, you can help make this happen. And now, there are extra benefits to doing so. During the months of October and November:

  • NEW Members will receive a FREE LABC pint glass and token for one free beer.
  • Existing members will receive a token for one free beer for EACH NEW MEMBER they recruit.
  • Member Loan Incentives (including more free beer and other excellent rewards) can now be earned by recruiting new members or new investors.

Nice! So, if you’ve been putting off getting involved, there’s no better time than now to make the move. If you have made the move, encourage someone else to make the move!

The LABC is still aiming for a grand opening in early 2015. Just think, a place in Los Alamos to grab a great beer and fill your growler.

For additional information about the LABC, including all of the details about membership and loans, visit


— Reid

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