Czech-ing out a beer spa in Prague

Posted: November 20, 2014 by amyotravel in Beercation Destinations

I love beer so much that I could swim in it. I have, on occasion, washed my hair with beer; it makes for a good clarifying shampoo to remove product build up. So I was completely surprised and totally intrigued when I found out (after booking) that my hotel in Prague last month was attached to a beer spa. The next morning after we checked in I took my significant other and his brother next door to check it out.

Beer taps next to hot tubs. Genius.

Beer taps next to hot tubs. Genius.

The spa was really nice, but the prices were very high. At the front desk I explained my affiliation with the Dark Side Brew Crew, provided a business card, and asked if I could have a tour. They had just opened for the day so the staff asked if we could wait a few minutes while they made sure everything was properly set up. I perused the gift shop area and marveled at all the beer products (gels, lotions, shampoos, crazy bottle openers, etc.) while we waited.

A lovely young woman named Yulianna took us on the tour and carefully explained the entire process. Of course, the main appeal for me was that you get to use your own mug and taps in your private room and you can drink as much beer as you want during your session. In fact, while you are sitting in a hot tub of “beer,” the pour-your-own taps are located within reach. The jetted tubs are set at about 37 degrees Celsius, which basically translates to your body temperature, around 98 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is a rather rustic setting, isn't it?

This is a rather rustic setting, isn’t it?

As the tour continued, I became less enamored with the process. Czech beer is extremely reasonably priced in bars. You will pay between the equivalent of $1 to $3 (on the high end) USD for draft beers. It is cheaper than water since you have to ask for bottled water at a fairly substantial charge. You won’t be served tap water. The bargain hunter in me started to do the math and it wasn’t pretty. And, you don’t actually sit in beer. You sit in water with beer ingredients. We got to see the beautiful wooden containers and ladles where they scoop out hops, brewer’s yeast, malt, etc., and add them to the hot water. The water is not actually carbonated or fermented.

According to the spa employees, these ingredients are very beneficial to your skin, and I don’t doubt that. Disappointingly, though, you only get 25 minutes of actual tub time. Then, you are supposed to lie down on a large, round hay bed (at first I thought OUCH, but you get sheets and blankets) and allow the nutrients to seep into your skin as you relax. Also included in the room is a fireplace while you relax, and that is a very soothing touch, indeed. There is a sauna in there, too, but I hate saunas. I get easily overheated as it is, so don’t stick me in a blazing hot box! And there is a cool water shower where you pull a rope and a wooden bucket releases cool water that flows down over you. I guess that is supposed to simulate rain water as it washes the ingredients off at the end.

All the ingredients that go in your "beer bath."

All the ingredients that go in your “beer bath.”

I liked the tour and the spa room very much and I am still intrigued. But at the equivalent of $90 USD for an hour stay for one person, or $75 each for two people, I just couldn’t make myself do it. In an hour, I could maybe drink five mugs of beer if I really pushed myself (remember, there’s not much alcohol in Czech beer compared to American craft beer). So, at the most, in a bar that would be $15 USD. If the hour had included a 20- or 30-minute massage while you relax on the hay bed, I would have been sold. What better way to really get those nutrients into your skin, right? I may be somewhat frugal, but I will splurge a little if it seems like a decent value. A small part of me is disappointed I didn’t do it just to say I did. And, if you check out their website at, you will see they are looking for franchisees. Tempting!

Na zdraví!

— AmyO


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