Greetings, everyone. May this dark and dreary Friday nonetheless be filled with the promise of a good weekend filled with quality beer. All of us in the Brew Crew are looking forward to it, even though we have to get up awfully early (by our mostly nocturnal standards) on Saturday. Why would we be getting up early? To brew another beer at a brewery, of course.

The Crew gets to brew another big, dark beer, this time at Chama River.

The Crew gets to brew another big, dark beer, this time at Chama River.

Yes, we’re humble-bragging again. Let the hate flow, if necessary. This time around the Crew will brew with Zach Guilmette and David Facey over at Chama River. Zach has concocted a recipe for a foreign export stout called Obey the Darkside (natch). We get to help out at the early hour of 8 a.m. Anyone who has had Sleeping Dog Stout lately, or had the first incarnation of Panama Joe at Il Vicino in 2013 (which won a GABF gold medal), knows that Zach is really, really good at brewing big, malty stouts. We expect Obey the Darkside to be another epic addition to Chama’s lineup. As for what we’re doing this time around — besides cracking jokes, making obscure pop culture references, and trying to convince everyone to crank up “The Number of the Beast” to 11 on the Chama sound system — we’ll probably just be assisting in whatever capacity Zach wants. This is his show, we’re just the supporting cast.

If we’re lucky, our MIA members (Brandon, Porter Pounder) from the last brew session at Canteen will be able to attend. Who knows, maybe we’ll even do a little filming of the process instead of just taking still photos this time. Just wish us luck again. And yes, we’ll be drinking our body weight in coffee again, too.

Boxing Bear celebrates Friday with a new cask offering. (Photo courtesy of Boxing Bear)

Boxing Bear celebrates Friday with a new cask offering. (Photo courtesy of Boxing Bear)

Weekend beer wonders

There are a bunch of random tastings, special tappings, casks, live events, and more this weekend. Here’s a quick roundup.

And if there is anything we’ve missed, please let us know and we will update this list. Don’t want to leave anyone out!

  • Back Alley is tapping its Pre-Prohibition Malt Tonic tonight (Friday). It’s a brown ale based on a 110-year-old recipe.
  • Boxing Bear’s cask is Uppercut IPA dry-hopped with Falconer’s Flight 7 C’s. It’s on tap today.
  • Canteen doesn’t believe the weekend ends Sunday. They have a special event for mug club members Monday from 5 to 8 p.m. Head over and try two of the barrel-aged beers, the Tequila Barrel IPA (8.3% ABV, 125 IBU) and Wine Barrel Spiced Belgian (9.2% ABV). You get a 10-ounce glass of each with your card.
  • La Cumbre’s cask for today features Elevated IPA dry-hopped with New Zealand Green Bullet. Adoughbe Pizza will be parked out front for all your culinary needs.
  • Lizard Tail has live music Saturday at 8 p.m. Solo guitarist Robert Otero will perform.
  • Nexus is having a Walking Dead Pinball party Sunday from 4 to 7 p.m. Wait, what? They have a Walking Dead pinball machine now, and for three canned foods as a donation, you can participate in a tournament on the machine prior to the viewing party for this week’s episode.
  • Prior to that at Nexus, brewer Kaylynn McKnight will be hosting “ugly sweater” tours of the brewery Saturday at 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. The tours cost $12 for non-members and $10 for members, but if you wear an ugly sweater, you get $2 off. The tour comes with an ugly sweater souvenir pint glass.
  • Avery Brewing is not just for sale at Jubilation, it’s also on tap at The Stumbling Steer. White Rascal and Czar Imperial Stout are both available. Dear lord, Steer, first your own Soiled Dove Imperial Stout and now the Czar? Are you trying to kill us … with love?
  • Don’t forget, the Desert Darlings will be performing at Tractor Wells Park tonight at 7. The Darling Old West: A Belly Dance Saloon Show is something you can’t miss. Unless you’re covering the Onate-La Cueva game for the Las Cruces Sun-News. Hey, I gotta pay for all these beers.
  • Jodie Herrera’s art show, The Shape I’m In, is still set for Saturday night at Wells Park.
  • There are also rumors that Turkey Drool may go on tap this weekend at Wells Park. If so, stay out of the Crew’s way. We got first dibs. Speaking of first dibs …
  • Blue Corn’s Russian Imperial Stout will be arriving at Draft Station ABQ some time this weekend. We’re so happy.
  • Up in Santa Fe, Blue Corn will debut Rakau Single Hop IPA today. The cask over at the Santa Fe Draft Station will be dry-hopped Amber Ale.
  • For take-home beers, in addition to recent recommendations like Avery’s Tweak, Jubilation now has (deep breath) Stone Stochasticity Project Master of Disguise Imperial Golden Stout. Yes, it’s a golden stout. Yes, we’re very intrigued. Yes, Brandon and Franz Solo are planning a collaboration review of this one. I’ll add my two cents as well.
Awesome gear like this new Canteen growler will be in our holiday guide. (Photo courtesy of Canteen)

Awesome gear like this new Canteen growler will be in our holiday guide. (Photo courtesy of Canteen)

Lending a helping holiday hand

The Crew is always here for all of you when it comes to holiday shopping that goes beyond just the beer itself. We’re working on a series of articles highlighting all the best beer-related merchandise you can get from New Mexico breweries. From clothing to growlers and more, we’ll run down all the items you need this winter, how much they cost, and how to best acquire them.

On top of that, we’ll have our annual guide to brewery memberships right after Thanksgiving. Whether you’re renewing, adding more cards for your wallet, or signing up for the first time, we’ll have all the details on what membership provides at our many breweries.

We’ll see all of you around Chama River, Draft Station ABQ, Tractor, Back Alley, and more this weekend. It’s going to be a wonderful few days before we all overeat and watch bad football on Thanksgiving. Stay warm and stay safe, folks.


— Stoutmeister


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