Going nuts for hops, not slots, in Las Vegas

Posted: April 14, 2015 by amyotravel in Out-of-Town Brews
Hop Nuts is the newest brewery in Las Vegas.

Hop Nuts is the newest brewery in Las Vegas.

Finally, a new brewery near Las Vegas Boulevard!

We never have a car in Las Vegas, so when we are there we have to rely on foot power to get us to our next beer. We like Banger Brewing downtown (although it’s a little overpriced), and can rely on Triple 7 in Main Street Station for happy hour brews, but we were so excited when we learned a new brewery opened up just south of downtown. We had planned to walk from our hotel on the Strip to downtown to meet friends anyway, so it turned out this was a great stop along the way. Unlike Albuquerque (see the comment on the DSBC Facebook page about if it’s a day ending in “y,” we probably have new ABQ brewery news), there are precious few actual craft breweries in Las Vegas, and the best local craft beer in my opinion is from a place I have never been to called Tenaya Creek. I have only had their beers on tap at local Vegas bars. You should, too, trust me.

This new brewery, called Hop Nuts Brewing, is a cute and eclectic place located at 1120 S. Main Street in the Las Vegas Arts District. It’s always interesting when you go to local breweries in other states and you see the bartenders making mixed drinks as well. As I watched her make multiple Tokyo Teas (if you are unfamiliar, they are similar to a Long Island but with Midori), I worried she would not know much about the beer, but that was not the case. Our server/bartender Nikki was very nice and knowledgeable about both the beer and the operations. Nikki said they have a seven-barrel system and the owner/brewer is a former x-ray technician and home brewer.

The rather sizable sampler tray at Hop Nuts.

The rather sizable sampler tray at Hop Nuts.

We had a very large sampler. You can choose from five or seven samples, but since there were a couple I was not as interested in, and the sample glasses were large huge, I went with five. The IPA was actually pretty hoppy; that is not the case with most local Las Vegas beers. The Hefeweizen was refreshing and a little spicy, but not overwhelmingly so. The red, porter, and stout were solid, but not remarkable.

Overall, for a place that has been open less than two months, I would say it is a great start. The neighborhood is funky in a good way, with a few other bars along the same stretch of road that if the mood strikes could actually make you forget you are in Vegas.


— AmyO

  1. Jessica says:

    Thanks Amy for letting us know! We will be in Vegas in June and are always looking for new breweries to try. We are fans of Triple 7 (especially during NFL season) and Tenaya Creek. Our fav on the strip though is Sin City (located on the strip in front of Planet Hollywood, in the Miracle Mile Shops at PH, and in the mall area of the Venetian). The best part is when the bartender/owner (Joe) remembers you even though you haven’t been in for 6 months. 🙂

    Thanks again!


    Date: Tue, 14 Apr 2015 20:42:16 +0000 To: jes@osetek.com

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